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  1. Hi all, it's been awhile I've been here. been mostly working on the house we just moved into. but since the move i have been collecting. planning on selling some of them soon. here's the pic of what i've collected. Joel
  2. Hey All, The last time I've built a model kit was last summer. Well, now I am getting back to it. My new project is my 1/20th Entex Honda Civic 1st Gen. I am going to make it into a cafe racer car. I need to lower the car somehow (the shocks are metal and I am scared that I might screw it up) and I am having a hard time with interior and exterior paint color. Any suggestions? The pics below show what I started. the wheels is a three piece. chassis and motor are done, I just wanted to see how it looked like in stock form (way too high for me). The third pic shows one of the fender flares
  3. 1/12 Tamiya Honda F1, 1/16 Fujimi F40 Blackstar, 1/16 Fujimi F40 LM
  4. Hi all, it's been awhile that I've posted but feels good to be back. Been doing other things. LoL Anyways, I'm planning on getting the Fujimi Ferrari F40 BlackStar 1:16 from a guy close to where I live. I did some looking and I came across the same kit on ebay, http://www.ebay.com/...t-/150411478937 .... I was suprised how much this guy/girl is selling it for. Does it cost that much and is it that rare? thanks, Joel
  5. Hey all, i have this can of paint laying around that i would like to use. the paint is from 1993 (label says) and was wondering if this is still useable? i know i need a hardener and clear coat but do the stuff they make now a days work on this old paint? thanks Joel
  6. thanks for the comments guys. still thinking about a front lip on it. shoe goo? its used to repair old busted shoes. lol. i used it to hold the body in place on top of a bottle. it ate the plastic so i had 2 redo the roof
  7. Well, I'm finished. learned my lesson. Shoe Goo is bad. lol Enjoy Joel
  8. I finished this last May but never posted it up till today. Hope you guys like. Joel
  9. Just got done with clearing it. here's how it looks like with the wheels on it.
  10. It's been awhile building so im back at it. ive started this build few months ago (like all my other projects. LoL), but im going to try to finish this while my mountain bike is in the shop. you cant tell by the pic but the color is a orange red. . Joel
  11. looking forward on your build. been wanting to build something like this.
  12. Lets just say im glad i got them at a really good price but wish i had more cash to get his colletion.
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