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  1. Cheers Cranky That means a lot
  2. Here's some more pictures of my rat rod builds for those who are interested: 39 Chev Coupe: 36 Ford Coupe ("Escape from Maggies Farm"): 32 Ford Coupe:
  3. The more the merrier guys. As the rules stated, it had to start life as a glue bomb, paint bomb or beater, so you're all welcome to join. Mine's a hybrid of two glue bombs because I wanted to really challenge myself. So far it's been a pain just to strip off the hundreds of layers of paint!
  4. This is true. I sometimes struggle though so I let a project linger on a bit to get the most out of it before I purchase another kit. What do you think of the newer photos Jim? I hope they turned out okay. The weather has been shocking here lately. And I know all about cold weather cuddles, my girlfriend has been more than happy to help in that area
  5. Lol I knew someone would ask, believe it or not it's a chopped up 39 Chevy Coupe less the trunk area. I think 39 chevs are ugly, so i ratted it and added some dualie white walls on the rear and a Tom daniels dropped drag axle and front runners to the stock frame, coupled with a 34 ford grille it came out quite good.
  6. I know hey? Once I chop the roof everyone's going to to "Ahh, I get it now"
  7. Here's some outdoor pics guys: The truck seen in the background here is my show winning "Feral Ute" part of an Australian tradition that celebrates country music. It's also named Hillbilly Deluxe.
  8. Here's my progress so far. I know it looks rough, but the idea in my head looks amazing. I'm working on a glass bonnet so you can see the big hemi I'm sticking under there. body work will begin as soon as I get some more supplies.
  9. you can view any time mate, I've just ran out of ratrods to post up, unless anyone wants to see more detail?
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l0kfF4caI7k This must be it. Pretty neat rat rod!
  11. I knew this would turn out to be way too cool! Well done for bridging the gap man!
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