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  1. I have one and love it. No issues as of yet. Had it for about 5 months.
  2. It is amazing to me that someone made this from scratch. Seriously why I am sticking with the hobby. I am not on this level now but hope to be someday. Simply incredible. Thanks for the inspiration
  3. Thank you. I am getting to like this model building stuff
  4. This is my attempt at a Chopper. I love these kits!!! Have a few more coming. Sorry if the pics arent that clear my phone is all I have for now.
  5. Haha.... I am talking about the rims that spin while the car is sitting still or while driving..... thanks fellas.
  6. Does anyone know if there is a place to buy spinner rims for models? I have never seen them and think they would look cool on my new project
  7. I owned a forum for a few years for Ministers only. They stress with that was overwhelming and actually ridiculous. I sold the forum and went to NYC with the wife with the proceeds. IN the next few months I started to get on my wife's nerves as I was taking out all of my frustrations on her and the kids. BAD .... very BAD. She tricked me into going with her to Hobby Lobby one day and after being bored out of my mind for about an hour I stumbled across the model isle. Like just about every red blooded kid I built model in my younger years. I was never really a "car" guy. But after much persuasi
  8. Nice...!!!! What color did you use?
  9. The event will be on August 13th at our church in Massillon. All help would be welcomed
  10. I need a site where I can find about 20-25 snap tite kits for a group of young men at our church. I found one before where someone was selling kits without boxes. Cant find it now.... Can someone help me out here?
  11. Took my wife to Columbus on Monday for her birthday. While at Polaris doing a bit of shopping she spotted a Hobby Lobby. She makes the statement that shook my world.... "Hey honey we should go there tomorrow and see if they have any kits you don't have". My heart still shutters when I think about it..... but it doesn't end there. We go Tuesday morning and I grab a couple kits and plan on walking away when I hear her say...... "Hey don't you need some paint for them"? I think I will keep her around for a while.......
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