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  1. Thanks Jim. I will do that. What is a good polishing kit and where would a rookie like me find one? My LHS is lacking on a few things. Thanks!!!
  2. Thanks..... he is a great guy. I am working with his son on colors and such. The build you sent me to was incredible!!! I am thinking that this build should be a mix of stock and custom. I am going to try and keep the custom stuff small. I will definitely ask for help if I get stuck.... which will more than likely be often. This has to be a great build.
  3. Thanks guys..... Like I already told someone else I am open for advice. I am nothing if not a plastic Padawan.
  4. Also, I am not up to airbrushing as of yet. Still using the rattle can. Any paint suggestions? I am going with Tamiya pearl white for the top color. I agree.... makes me want to build something else.
  5. Great build ... gave me some good ideas. Where did you get those tires?
  6. Alright guys I am a newbie at all this model stuff and really not a gear head in the slightest. But there is something about turning that white plastic into a work of art that makes me smile. With all that said I am need of some advice and even more help - necissto ayuda . I am building a 1960 Impala for a friend who recently lost his job and his chance to own this particular vehicle. He has always been very generous to my family and someone I have always looked up to. With my limited knowledge and know-how what could I add to this kit to make it SPECTACULAR? Tires, exhaust ...
  7. I will take a look... thanks. Love this kit so far.
  8. Need some help here fellas. Either my kit was incomplete or I need help in finding 2 parts. 1. Metal Tire Pins 2. Metal Exhaust tips I am putting together a 1949 Mercury Custom Couple by Revell and cannot find the parts in the box (which was factory sealed) anywhere. Where could I find these parts?
  9. Well for my fellow hobby enthusiasts, and may I say only for you, I will begin the extracting of many tubs of chilled dairy dessert one spoonful at a time . I am only doing this for you......
  10. Where does everyone buy their kits? Which Internet site? If a local store which one?
  11. Why is my testors glue making really nice spiderweb style strings? I am new at all this model stuff and this is driving me nuts. HELP!!!!
  12. Plastic ... take me away!!!!!

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