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  1. Nice looking DM800. I like it with the lowboy.
  2. Thanks for the heads-up on Spearhead. I just looked it up & requested it from my local library. Here's a Yarnhub video about the battler. The Cologne Tank Duel - YouTube
  3. Very cool. I like those colors. I've been looking for a 1957 Chevrolet 150 4-door sedan to make something like this: But, I can't find a 4-door 150. Of course, this would be cool, too: No idea where I'd source those decals, though.
  4. Rick, that is a serious number of 1957 Chevrolets! Looks like a dealership. From what I can tell, they look nice.
  5. Chuck, Is this the Revell kit you're talking about: And I'm guessing this is the MAT kit:
  6. That's going to be interesting. Small, too. I've always wondered why they use 1/50 for these trucks & not 1/48 which would make it the same scale as model aircraft, armor, & O-gauge railways.
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