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  1. Rule #9: "Try to be helpful, by sitting on or playing with whatever someone is working on. If all else fails, just walk back and forth across the work area."
  2. LOL, so true! "Be sure to stick your * in someone's face at least once a day."
  3. That's a great pic of Linus. Rule Number One of the Cat Code of Conduct: "You are entitled to have whatever you want whenever you want it, and you must complain loudly if you don't get it."😄 Here are some more of the rules: "If an object is on a raised surface, and can be moved, it belongs on the floor." "You must randomly do something annoying, just to keep your human from getting complacent." "If you have the opportunity, you must alter your human's computer, so that it will take them an hour to figure out how to fix it." "The warmest, softest places belong
  4. Hoover thanks you for the compliment. It seems to me he has a longer than average tail.
  5. Here's Hoover, so named because he eats like a vacuum cleaner. He's resting after bingeing on Cat TV (AKA bird feeder). Another shelter mutt, he's a good cat. However, in keeping with the CCC (Cat Code of Conduct), he's required to be a PITA from time to time.
  6. Beautifully done! I'm really impressed with the paint work on the stripes.
  7. All I can think to say is WOW!!!!!!
  8. Sorry, I just don't remember. Most likely it was two coats to get full coverage, sand, and one more thin coat. That's what I typically do when I paint with Testors. One other thought, this is Testors, not Model Master, if that makes any difference.
  9. If I remember right, this is over white. You're right, the paint is very translucent, so the base makes a big difference. I think I tried six different bases, and liked white the best for this car.
  10. Be vewwy, vewwy quiet, I'm hunting wabbits. (He said in his best Elmer Fudd voice.)
  11. Check out these folks: https://www.micronmeters.com/category/miniature-wire-and-cable They have both single conductor and stranded insulated wire. I like the single conductor because it holds its shape better. The 32 AWG fits perfectly in R&M of MD drilled distributor caps.
  12. I also had that problem with the 1/144 version. If I was to do it again, I would mask for the black, then spray a couple of coats of white to seal the tape before I sprayed the black. I don't know if that would work, but I would try it. The black decals sound like a good option too.
  13. A nest of Vipers! They all look great. I especially like the snakeskin one.
  14. It's fun to see you working on this. I have no doubt you will find a way to make this very basic kit into a masterpiece.
  15. I am also no expert! I routinely brush paint transmissions, exhaust manifolds, and intake manifolds with MM Metalizers. I think the Titanium looks good on iron transmissions. I have also brush painted gas tanks, and I think exhaust pipes would work too. On smooth surfaces like gas tanks and exhaust pipes, you won't get a perfectly consistent color and finish, but those parts are not perfectly consistent on 1:1 cars either. I tend to flow the paint on pretty wet. I mostly use Metalizer "Steel", "Magnesium", and "Titanium". Since those paints are going away, I don't know what I will do when they
  16. I hear ya, man. I did the same thing with the Heller Ferrari 512s. Same reason, and more.
  17. I must be in total agreement with everything that has been mentioned so far, since I have finished models or kits of almost all of them.? I would add: P-40 Concorde B-52 F-104 X-15 ....and many others.
  18. Can you print your own decals? If so, you could copy one of the images from here: https://certainlywood.com/woodmenu2.php?category=Burls, Stumps and Crotches Resize it to the scale you like, and print.
  19. Very impressive work on the roof, the finished product looks great! For future reference on that Wicked paint, that's what it looks like if you put it on too wet. It's a peculiar paint, in that it has to be applied in multiple light coats until you get full coverage.
  20. Sssshhh, not so loud! She thinks it's real.?
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