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  1. Johan kit..painted lightning white over Tamiya silver leaf..Billy Gooche decal.
  2. I'll have a few body up shots soon..Thanks for the comments.
  3. Mpc Kit re-release subtle up-grade to the cage box stock with sum plumbing. Cheers...
  4. It's the original Double kit...Sprinter and Indy car. I used different tires all around and pony'd the left front.. Added shrink tubbing to the roll bars as padding..and used a wide five rim on the right front. also cut through the engine cowling so that the scratch built velocity stacks show through.. No Velocity stacks provided with the kit.
  5. Built a wing for this edmunds Super. It's painted Testors Lightning white.
  6. Ok...the black wire you see is the spark plug wire leading into the head. I don't build very many bikes..so i don't use after market parts. Thanks for your inputs..
  7. Haven't built a bike in a while..so i thought the Tamiya 1/12 was the way to fly..
  8. Body from Freds resin and the Chassis and cage Scratch built..Here's what i got so far
  9. Yes the trailer was a model with some Scratch built Add ons and some kit bashing to look like the trailer we still use today.
  10. Sure tony..Here's a few more pictures...The Chassis and cage is Scratch built from Styrene plastic. Cheers..Lui
  11. These 1/16 scale models have not been re-released in years...I've been buying them on E-bay. I've got a considerable collection of most of them.
  12. Here's the AMT Mack Flat Nose Rig and AMT Tanker... Cheers..Lui.
  13. Here's The AMT Frieghtliner Flat Nose...The Instruction Sheets on these Could Drive You Nuts..With a few good guesses you could get through it. Cheers...Lui
  14. Here's were i'm at at this point with The Racer.. I use "Mig" Grease and Oil Mixture to highlight Chrome and give a used look. Cheers...Lui
  15. Thanks for the comments... I used Tamiya Yellow and Blue For paint with some Clear over top.
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