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  1. Just an FYI.. The convex tadpole sanders are back in stock June 3rd. According to their website... My link
  2. Thanks for all the replys! I guess I should have specified... It is just for some small engine parts. I plan on using silver paint, but was just seeing my other options. As always, thanks for the quick replys and information! Don
  3. Hey all, I am just looking for some other alternatives to a Chrome look using a brush. Alclad is not an option right now, and I was told the metalizer paint should also be sprayed on. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks. Don..
  4. Good afternoon All, just wondering if anyone knows where to buy the Tadpole sanders. I have been searching all day to no avail. Thanks, Don.
  5. Thanks everyone, this was a BIG help. PLacing my orders now!!
  6. Good morning all, I was just wondering if someone could provide some basic must need sizes of Styrene that should be on my workbench. I am not at the point where I need to scratch build yet, but I would like to place an order for everything at once. I am new to scratch building and there are just SO many sizes and I am a bit overwhelmed. I was also looking for some advice on any kind of small copper tubing that is a must need for the workbench. If the list is too big to list, I understand! Any help is greatly appreciated. Enjoy your Thursday, Don. P.S. I mainly build 1/24 and 1/25 sc
  7. Happy Friday All! Just wondering if someone could give me a quick tutorial or rundown on how to wetsand.. Thanks as always!
  8. Thank you very much George. I did see those at Michael's and held off because of the price. Now that I know they are worth it, I will grab them tonight!
  9. Hey all, just looking for some recommendations for detailing pencils... Will regular old colored pencils do the trick? I saw a thread about water-color pencils. Any type of these pencils are not that cheap these days and I just wanted to make sure before I spend the loot! Thanks for any info!
  10. Thank you very much for the quick repsonses.. Just need a little clear up for part painting. Go with acrylics versus enamels? Besides acrylics cleaning up with water, is there any other noticable difference? Thanks again for the help/ Don.
  11. Hello all, just a few newbie questions.. I have been out of the game for quite some time and alot has changed. I have searched the forums for my answers, but no luck! I am just looking for some recommendations for paint and putty. Are the small Testor bottles still a decent paint to use? They seem to be more of a "starter" paint these days. I am also looking for a putty that might be easier to work with for someone with no experience. And maybe a putty that does not smell too bad. I ahve many more questions, but just wanted to started with these two. Thanks for Reading and hopefull
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