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  1. Thank you and appreciate your comment. Always like exploring concept contents. Makes modeling even more fun.
  2. HAHA!!! Yep! There is litter in Sweden, just that in general Sweden is a very clean country. But you still have areas that are more littered than others.
  3. Hi David. I am no pro on this matter but here are a few tips, I've learnt: 1. Use a rattle-can of solvent based primer to seal the object. Test a scrap to see if the solvent attacks the foam. Solvent based clear polyurethane works, too. 1a. Acrylic paint is ideal on foam core because you do not need to use solvents like with oil paints. Acrylic it fast-drying, durable and adheres to most surfaces. It also has an even sheen and does not need a base coat. 2. If you don't need the foam board to be stiff, you can remove the paper by first soaking it with rubbing alcohol. This will d
  4. Thanks. I've been asked many times over but one of the reasons is there are many tutorials out on YouTube. I feel another one would not make a big difference. But I will try and see if I can work something out. I've never done a YouTube video. As long as I do not have to buy a whole video equipment, then I'll see if I can figure something out.
  5. Thanks. I do try with whatever works.
  6. Thanks for the update. HeHe!!!! Appreciate your uplifting words.
  7. So true. Seen worst come to life after some tender love.
  8. Appreciate the info. Hehe!!! Thank you David.
  9. Thank you. Was the tractor modified? Thanks Chris.
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