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  1. :). Go ahead, you're always welcome to do so:)... Thanks Bill.
  2. Hehe! Thank you kindly. Appreciate your sentiments.
  3. Thank you. I simply used smartphone glass protection. Its the most realistic material to use. Try it. But it has to be the glass version, not the plastic one.
  4. Tried it in the 'Forum related issue' Forum, and it is still the same issue.
  5. I'm using Chrome. I guess I'll just have to upload directly to the forum instead... testing links, but none seem to work. The funny thing is, the Britmodeler forum use the same forum program and the links work on their forum: https://images44.fotki.com/v1405/photos/0/3821280/16356163/ukrainian_6447_5247H_titan4-vi.jpg [URL=https://public.fotki.com/tiking1970/ukrainian-6447-5247/ukrainian-6447-5250.html][IMG]https://media.fotki.com/2v2aJ4EiPxAWPEi.jpg[/IMG][/URL] [IMG]https://media.fotki.com/2v2aJ4EiPxAWPEi.jpg[/IMG]
  6. Using a windows 10 home version, desktop computer.
  7. Pete. I've been using the same method you been showing me the whole time. I am always offered different methods, with links, and I always choose the same ones. Since the change, it seems everything has gone haywire. But exatly what you have said, I have done. I have tried every link method. I notice immediately when I attached the links to the forum, I see the photo, then automatically it disappears. Strange.
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