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  1. Ebay is a good place to find them too
  2. If you liked the 1000, you should get a can of their 1200 or 1500. Mr Surfacers work like, 500 is thick and coarse, its for doing light filling , 1000 would more like a general use primer, 1200&1500 are for when you are ready for the color coat, and they go on very smooth, 1500 is about as smooth as glass out of the can.
  3. Nice to see some confirmation on the Courier when its gonna be out.
  4. Did a US speck Toyota Pickup from the recent reissue Toyota Hilux Liftup kit, I used parts from two of Aoshima's low rider Hilux kits, the rear bumper from one, and the LHD from another one. The wheels came from the Tamyia Land Cruiser kit, the Wheelman work his magic to make fit the tires for stock Aoshima Hilux kit, the tires and tailgate came from said Hilux built kit that was being junked. The tailgate had to widen to fit, I added a strip of .20 Evergreen on each end. Pheww, that was a lot of work just to make a US spec version, paint is Toyota Pewter from Scalefinishes, I feel its missing
  5. Haha, Yes I am sure the kit better is engineered than the real thing was, when growing my mom had the 5dr Excel, that to was not a great car.
  6. 1975 Hyundai Pony kit from Academy Models, neat kit, no issues besides the faint door panel lines ,had fun building it, to bad the builder let the kit down 😂 Hyundai Jamica Blue from Scalefinishes for the paint. Seriously, this is a very nicely done kit outside of the panel lines. *Self inflicted issues, the clear coat is something you'd get from Maaco, the right panel line for the hatch is not straight, not sure what happened there, but I messed it up :D, I removed some chrome from the hubcaps because I thought the chrome would be able to handle removing the aluminum paint, *narrators vo
  7. OMG yes!, I fudging hate doing BMF so this is awesome
  8. Yes!, I want to get the red handle ones for the rougher stuff .
  9. As long as you get the correct parts, its a neat kit, I built the 360 version, and other than the super fragile bed hooks, fun kit to build.
  10. I would do a spoon test to check for compatibility between the paints.
  11. So the spray paints are acrylic lacquers , the brush paints are either water based acrylics and enamel.
  12. Up for pre order from NuNu Models New tooling, Volvo S40 1997 BTCC Brands Hatch Winner, release, July Rest are reissues with new decals/parts Lancia Delta S4 `86 Monte Carlo Rally, Release, July Toyota Corolla Levin AE92 Gr.A 1991 Autopolis, Release, August Porsche 935K3 /80 Italiya 1980 Le Mans 24H, Release, June Mitsubishi Starion Gr.A 1985 InterTEC in FISCO, Release, July BMW 320i E46 2004 ETCC Donington Park Circuit Winner, Release Date, August
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