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  1. Here are some pics of the car at Atco Raceway from 2019 Hot Rod Drag Week.
  2. Excellent job! Glad to see a regular GS! Great color also!
  3. That's really cool! I always liked the look of this car!
  4. That's a built up to start, not an unbuilt original. I say build it any way you want. BTW, I would have said that even if it was an unbuilt original!😀
  5. That's a very nice job on the chop. I really like it with the skirts too!
  6. Love this! The stance is perfect, great details, those headers are really cool!
  7. That is really cool! Great job!
  8. Top notch build! Excellent work!
  9. Really nice work! This is such a great paint scheme. The Days of Thunder cars were so cool, especially this one and the City Chevrolet car.
  10. My list: 1958-1969 Chevy Bel Air or Biscayne 2 door 2018 Dodge Demon Current (2010-2020) COPO Camaro, Cobra jet Mustang and Drag Pack Challenger C7 Z-06 Corvette 1934 Ford - to the standard of the Revell '32 Fords. Multiple body styles. Factory stock and vintage/traditional hot rod versions. Current GT-500 Shelby Mustang (full detail) 1934 Dodge/Plymouth Coupe A decent and correct 1969 Pontiac Trans Am Model J Duesenberg - multiple body styles 2nd Gen. ('65-'71). Dodge trucks
  11. Those slicks came with later issue Trophy Series kits, I have a bunch of them. They are different from the early slicks in TS kits. The Avanti kit mentioned above was a Trophy Series kit. They may have come in other AMT kits too.
  12. Great job! Nice job on capturing the box art! That one is pretty hard to find and $$$ when it shows up on ebay.
  13. Another beautiful model! Super job!
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