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  1. That's tough looking! A lot of nice details!
  2. Your models are all excelllent, but I like this one the best!
  3. Wow! This is super! Nice color and stance!
  4. Nice work! The changes you made work well and the color is a good choice too!
  5. That carb and engine look fantastic!
  6. As a GM fan, I always liked the Canadian Chevy/Pontiac hybrids. This one is SO cool! Especially if someone did indeed shoehorn a 421 SD in there! It must have been quite a beast! Of course, it probably would be no slouch with the L79 327 either!
  7. Great job! I really like the color!
  8. Most likely you will get more selling individual models vs selling the lot to a dealer,etc. But, you will work harder for it. Selling individual items will mean either taking them to shows (loading/unloading, sitting there all day) or selling on eBay (or similar) this takes a lot of time and costs money. There is no guarantee you will sell it all. If you can get a dealer to give you $10 a kit and you have 400 kits, that's 4k in your pocket and they deal with all the previously mentioned. If you go that route you will have to give up some profit on better stuff, but you will probably be sneakin
  9. Super job! Great looking race team!
  10. I really like it too! It's based on "The Magician". An independent Australian movie. You can see it on Amazon Prime. The series is better, but you can see where it got it's beginnings in the film.
  11. Wow. Great pics! I thought these were a lot more modified than they are.
  12. Very true. To me it just seemed like a kit that should have cool box art to go with it. Those who know what it is will buy it. Period. I will be getting 3 or 4, especially since it is going to have the extra hemi engine, etc.
  13. Cool! Nice little hot rod. Good stance and big block power, what's not to like?
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