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  1. G'day guys it was built just using my imagination and not based on a real car, I built it for my two sons Scott who's 8 (Scotty B driver markings) and Josh who is 6 and we call Poppit (Poppit Burns Race Engines). The kids like the way it turned out and love the fact their names are on it. Thanks for the positive comments, I'll get some nicer pics outside. I'm building another gasser now based on a real car with decals I got off ebay.
  2. Finally finished this one up last week, been progressing on other kits and having treatment (chemo) which slows me down a lot. The interior, engine and underside pics are all prior to final touch ups, I'll try and get some better pics outside once the weather fines up a bit.
  3. Thanks heaps for that Tim, I've been chasing an Aqua Rod Van kit for my van collection but have been unable to get one so far. Checking box arts online I learnt it had a Ford engine but was wondering how similar they'd be. I was going to maybe get some aftermarket Aqua Rod decals and build up a Chev van and Hot Rod Hydro and decal the pair as Aqua Rod if they were close. Interesting to check out the differences. Thanks again.
  4. I've loved following this on the Aussie forum, owning 3 Holden vans I'm very biased towards them. I can get measurements Preston if required, things have slowed down for me here so I now have time to measure anything you need. Since getting cancer and settling into chemopherapy and treatment I've stopped working so have time now if you need help at all mate. Cheers Rob
  5. I've just bought one of these to have a go at. One question regarding boat kits, how much difference is there between this and the boat in the Aqua Rod Van kit?
  6. Early Econoline in 1/25 would be great, similar to the old 1/20 MPC kits but as a 2 in 1, stock or custom. Or for something different a Holden Torana SL/R5000, now that'd be great.
  7. The load of boxes came with the AMT Fruehauf trailer, I got the decals from the same kit too.
  8. I've got the original issue here and have looked at the box art dozens of times and pondered how good a model would look done the same I now have the answer. Exceptional. Love the paint scheme, fit and finish and all the smaller details, she's a real credit to you and your modelling skill. Well done mate.
  9. Thanks guys, the wheels came out of a MPC van kit called the Sorcerer I think. They're a good fit in the Phantom kit tyres and look more commercial than the hubcaps and rims in the kit.
  10. Started this one awhile back and have been working on it and a few others but finally got this one finished. Not my usual custom van but a near stock delivery van. Mostly standard out of box but I added some different decals, added a cargo of AMT kits in cartons, changed the kit wheels for some standard Ford commercial looking wheels and after finishing it, it sat like a 4x4 at the front so I lowered the front to give it some rake.
  11. Finally finished this one, I'll add it up in the finished section.
  12. I'll be grabbing 2 or 3 of these when they come out for sure.
  13. I ordered two DM600's this week and will grab one of these when they come out to put behind one of the Macks.
  14. Looks great I've got one here I need to put together but was worried about the decals till I found some new ones on ebay. I should get stuck into mine when they show up.
  15. Got some decals on today, a mix between decals from the K.S Pittman/Stone Woods and Cooke Willys' and a few a mate made for me. (Burns Bros Racing, Scotty B and Poppit Burns Race Engines). Scotty B is my 8 year old son and Poppit is my 6 year old son Josh's nick name. Also got some Tamiya clear over the top of it all. Started painting the interior and got the chassis done in black also to keep it progressing along.
  16. Great concept and colour choice. Looking forward to watching this one come together.
  17. Got some colour on this today, the colour is holts Duplicolour Star Silver Metallic. I also put 2 coats of Duplicolour clear on it, once the decals go on I'll clear coat over them and the car with Tamiya clear.
  18. Chris Schumann "Shoey" did the van, I've got a couple but they weren't for sale to the general public. He also did his own XB which was more in scale than the one pictured and did an incredible mad max crash diorama. http://ozautobuilders.forum-motion.com/t7119-mad-max-crash-scene
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