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  1. I have just finished the Hino HH with dumptrailer. Your model looks realy nice
  2. Minimanfactory also have a Kraz 955B resin kit. Very nice casting. Rare model for you but should be in many collections. It's in mine ? http://www.minimanfactory.com/en/kraz-255b-russian-6x6-heavy-truck-1-25-i33/ Hessel
  3. Don't know it this came around here. Minimanfactory makes this very limited Oshkosh M911. http://www.minimanfactory.com/en/m911-8x6-heavy-equipment-tractor-i53/ Hessel
  4. I could have them 3d printed. Orderable at shapeways. What tire would you use?
  5. Where can I get that PE. I have a resin conversion of the CAT but love that PE
  6. We might have some spare-parts if parts of the trailer are broken Jacobus.
  7. Really good looking, but..... I would consider other wheels/tires for the truck. The trailer has really detailed one's but the kit tires don't look right now.
  8. Curious about the trailer....... https://public.fotki.com/modeltrucks25thscale/our_own_models_and/dmtc-members/hessel/finished-models/xl-specialized-bd-t/ Hessel
  9. Revell has all the instructions on a data-base online and since they issued this lonestar as well....
  10. Looking real good. Whit some extra time I could probably draw it and CNC mill the parts, but.... so many other things to do ;-)
  11. I was scrolling trough the topics and saw this one. I have been able to develop two bottom dump trailers. You can find them on our Fotki site: http://public.fotki.com/modeltrucks25thscale/our_own_models_and/dmtc-members/hessel/in-progress-models/centerline-bottom-d/ http://public.fotki.com/modeltrucks25thscale/our_own_models_and/dmtc-members/hessel/in-progress-models/xl-specialized-bd-t/ thanks for you replies. Hessel
  12. In the meanwhile I have finished the Mack for 99%. Still the fifth wheel needs to be installed. License plate and other minor detailing needs to be done. You can find all the photo's on our Fotki site: https://public.fotki.com/modeltrucks25thscale/our_own_models_and/dmtc-members/hessel/in-progress-models/mack-trident/ Thanks for the reply's Hessel
  13. For a few months I have been working on an Australian Mack Trident. I have used the generic chassis of the US Italeri trucks and added an axle to it. The tanks are modified from Revell. The engine should be the Mack E7 but I decided to use the motor if the donor kit instead. The cab is a Auslowe resin one. First some base white and then a yellow colour was added. The wheels are a different storie. I decided to rework the wheels I had developed for the 'Conforti' Mack and also developed tires for that. I had them 3d printed. A dry fit with the wheels on it and the chassis painted
  14. I did read that and feel flattered ;-) Koos sent me a message about your build so I looked it up. A link to all the photo's I took of my build: http://public.fotki.com/modeltrucks25thscale/our_own_models_and/dmtc-members/hessel/in-progress-models/mack-dm800-conforti/ Hessel
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