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  1. We haven't received a newspaper for many years. Finally figured out that we were paying ~$700/year to read news that had been available on the internet days before, comics we could read online for free, and a ton of ads. That said, my mom's youngest brother tried to train his dog to bring in the newspaper, but there was a problem. He lived in So Cal at the time and his dog was a miniature shorthaired Dachshund. Most days, the newspaper outweighed her by two or three times. It was funny to see. The daily ritual was going outside with a pocket full of rubber bands. Newspaper was broken down
  2. Looks nice Mike. Also on my to-do list is to paint the wheels like yours are.
  3. We have a huge game room at work. I want to build something like this when we return to the office. It would be huge fun since we are a group of over aged children working for an automotive company.
  4. Build it the way that you want to, then glue a dusty car cover over it. 😉
  5. OK, so I built mine in 1975 or so. I am going to have to dig it out. I was planning on a redo anyway.
  6. That doesn't look right. Something is broken or cut out. I don't have my built one at hand right now to look at.
  7. This actually came yesterday from Burbank's House of Hobbies. Haven't built a NASCAR for 45 years.
  8. Got mine today and it has the small sink marks on the trunk lid. Better than I expected, but not something I want to spend even 10 minutes on with a "new" tool. Still haven't decided on a color or build style.
  9. Thanks Dans. Yes, I have a few nearby stores that sell g-strings. What size is the one in the pic? 😇 Dan C's example that would look pretty good mounted on a round bead on top of a flat round base for my use. The coil isn't quite long enough, but I think it would look better than plastic. I built MPC and AMT kits in the 80s, so I probably have some "baseball bat" CB antennas somewhere, but I wasn't able to find any that had a decent base. Second issue is making a gutter clip so that the car will fit in its case. And drilling/pinning to a diecast.
  10. Anyone know where I could get an old school 1/24-25 whip antenna like this, or at least a decent base that I can drill and use a piece of wire for the mast? TIA
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