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  1. I have had several instances of Tamiya sprayed directly over styrene that is pretty much impossible to remove with any of our "known" strippers.
  2. Thanks. It looks like the "no shipping to the USA" message is gone now. Too bad about your Jag!
  3. Have they finally decided to ship replacement parts to the U.S.? I need a 69 Chevelle rear bumper (bad chrome) and haven't bothered to request one because of their message.
  4. Jim, save your pennies and dimes and buy a plane ticket to California. Our beloved Sierra #3 is alive and well in the foothills east of Sacramento/Stockton. She will take you for a ride. Most of the stock footage of her was filmed in Jamestown. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sierra_No._3 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Railtown_1897_State_Historic_Park
  5. Rodent

    62 Dart

    One of my favorite movies.
  6. Nope. A Norwood built V8 67 Camaro coupe is all the VIN would say. GM didn't include engine info in the VIN until 1972, other than 6 or V8 model.
  7. I was at Target on Friday and decided to walk across the parking lot and check out one of the world's worst Michaels. I thought they seemed to be getting rid of models, but they actually had five of the Jags on the shelf. Wonder what the deal is? They never had new releases before other stores before.
  8. Yeah, here too. I decided to not attend a yearly event pool party today because it was too hot......
  9. 7N163378 is a partial VIN, so it appears that this one was an actual car at one time. Add 1243 to the beginning and you have the complete VIN. I have heard that the first two 69 Trans Am Mustangs started life as 351-powered standard fastbacks, not Boss 302s.
  10. I have a "dirty" bottle of flat clear acrylic (I think it is Testors, would have to look) that I use as adhesive. Once dry, I brush a little more on to seal the powder. I find white glue, even thinned, to be a little unforgiving.
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