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  1. Anyone have a pic of his decals on a vehicle yet? I was looking at a few sets but some looked real grainy but I couldn't tell if it was the lighting, picture or the decals themselves. Thanks Earle
  2. Actually finished these about 3 weeks ago, just haven't had time to get around to shooting them. Will always love the VSP color scheme and still have a few more in mind to build onto these. VR Earle
  3. You can download the app and it had a coupon n it so you don't have to print it out or just visit the site and print it out. I would say 3 out of 4 weeks It's the40% off.
  4. Thanks...I totally forgot about Mike. I always thought his price was high for decals but I know he always runs specials a few times a year also. VR Earle
  5. Looks great...where did you get the decals for this one though? Been looking but can't seem to find any. VR Earle
  6. Thanks, never been to this site..and free shipping right now works out great. Now only if hl would get them so I could use the coupon. Will be getting them both tomorrow. Thanks again Earle
  7. The Mustang and expedition snap kit. Everywhere I look the shipping is always high as heck. Trying to find a place with the cheapest shipping and decent priced models.
  8. Are there any Hobby/Model shows that come close to the springs area? I know in NC you could get models from a few dealers that came to the train shows. Thanks Earle
  9. Well that sucks, was looking to get some of the newer police models and HL doesn't carry them and HT seems higher than ebay. Thanks for the info guys. wished it wasn't so but it is what it is. Thanks again Earle
  10. As stated in the topic...there are 3 hobby lobby and a hobby town but i haven't been able to locate any local shops. Anyone know of any...googled it but it just showed these that I mentioned. Thanks for any help in advance Earle
  11. Also could have done better joining the front lightbar together
  12. If the NJSP had a dive unit and Mustang..then i think they would look something like this. Still not sure if i'll leave light bar on top of mustang or not.. Decals made by yours truely. Thanks Earle
  13. I was letting it sit for about an hr ( what the tube recommended), maybe I'll let it sit longer and see what happens. Should I strip all the rest off or leave it and cover it up? Thanks Earle
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