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  1. This is from the Hot Trucks three kit pack. The color is Duplicolor Patriot Blue Metallic with 2K Clear. I've been looking for a rig to put my gold Cragars on. I think I found it.
  2. Very nice. I love the color and the bed treatment.
  3. Love it. I really like how you removed the side molding.
  4. I just realized I forgot the gas cap. ?‍♂️
  5. Very, very nice. The word that comes to mind is "crisp." Very clean and well executed.
  6. Hot off the assembly line. AMT 1950 Chevy Truck. The color is Duplicolor Orange Mist Metallic. The wheels and tires are from the AMT C-1500 kit. Thanks for looking.
  7. Thank you and thanks for the heads up. I'm having similar issues. I think I've got it just about as good as I can expect to. I left the suspension at stock ride height.
  8. Got a little 1950 Chevy on the work bench. The paint is Duplicolor Orange Mist Metallic with 2K Clear. The wheels and tires are from the AMT C-1500 Sportside kit.
  9. Great info. Thank you very much. I have some epoxy.
  10. I'm building the AMT 1950 Chevy pickup. I decided that I could get a better paint job by painting all the body pieces (especially the bed and fender) prior to assembly. I've had problems in the past getting good coverage in nooks and crannies around fenders on old truck models. Everything is painted and the clear is curing. Now I am wondering what is the safest way to assemble the pieces. I'm afraid scraping and using Plastruct will be a disaster. I'm thinking about assembling carefully with white glue. What's everyone's opinion on this? Here's a pic of some of the parts.
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