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  1. I should have kept my slot car jigs. Look up slot car chassis jig, especially for drag cars, it's a longer unit.
  2. How do you determine a high def. imagine?
  3. My friend that casts, experienced this when his material was shipped during the winter and must have had a prolonged stop along the way. It works out just fine.
  4. Thanks, really enjoyed building them. Love seeing the car in person, wish I could afford to bring home with me. I didn't plan ahead, now I'm searching my kits for two the NHRA window decals and some more large Pennzoil for the rear window...the last one I had from Slixx fell apart.
  5. Good evening all! Glass installed, body is mounted, steering attached, bumper installed. Decals are next!!
  6. Maybe just having web based problem, hopefully someone knows or can reach him.
  7. Not listed on their website yet!...Darn.. Found link on Facebook...
  8. BMF complete, taillights added
  9. Getting the details done..
  10. Take a look at Scenes Unlimited, his tires are of great quality!
  11. Nice work!! This is one of my favorite car/paint scheme combos.
  12. As I do a side by side comparison of the 1:1 and the resin, moving the B pillar an 1/8, or at all is not the issue. Actually the whole section between the B and C pillars is a bit too long. So a body sectioning would be in order to make it correct, but I would have to take measurements from the 1:1 to verify.
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