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  1. Picked these up at the Sharon PA show Sat. It was great to see everyone again. We didn't get to set up early, venue caretaker didn't show up until an hour and half later than expected. That created a mad rush for us to set up and customers to shop at the same time.
  2. Well one of the Panteras arrived yesterday without warning. Not a great assembling kit, the parts look pretty good at quick inventory, but still a nice vintage kit. Came with a map of the race and original sales receipt from1986!
  3. Received a late notice, Sharon PA swap meet to be held at the Elks Club from 8-3. Google it, easy to find.
  4. Got this Lola last week, I also have a couple of Panteras coming, but both of them are having trouble finding the mailbox....
  5. Finally got some color on the bodies, using base coat/clear coat.
  6. These are some good ideas I also need to remember, a cool extra detail. I do know that Chief Joseph makes some truck tires that are weighted.
  7. Shot some color on the underside of the bodies and front clips last week. Finished the headlight bezels. Ugly resin ones compared to more realistic and proportionate aluminum. Happy Resurrection Sunday! Karl
  8. If you look at the box, the grills are different per year and the 66 is 4wd
  9. Overflow oil cans done! Need to locate and fit 2nd front clip, and I will finish priming. Finally, not quite, but almost ready for some paint!
  10. Yes, back side of the tires are not finished. He must use an open backed mold.
  11. I used the Pennzoil decals from this kit back in the beginning of 2019 on the Flintstone Flyer build. Dug out the box to use the others for the last two builds and the decals are extremely delicate. Tore one or two while dry on the backing paper, let alone after I soaked them for application. Is this a problem for all current AMT decals, or something pertaining to this or certain kits? Karl
  12. Engines are 99% , I found my source of decals for the overflow oil cans, so now I can finish those. I used the same line for gas as before, if I find more, I will stock up! This is an old phone line from my house, it has a solid core wire. Simply pull the wire, and it slips beautifully over a .021 straight pin with no glue!
  13. The perforated section has a 3-1/2" Dia.
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