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  1. That actually looks pretty darn good! Unfortunately I wasn't able to find that specific paint online. Do you remember where you purchased it (if online)?
  2. I tried Tamiya AS19 and the color is more of a light/bright blue than a true intermediate blue. I would love to find Testors/Model Master Intermediate blue, but it's unavailable anywhere. Hmm that might be one option. Thank you.
  3. I ordered decals from him a year ago via email. You can reach him at jbot@rogers.com.
  4. Looking for recommendations for a color that closely matches the interior of this 1998 Crown Victoria. The official Ford color is called Dark Denim Blue. I don't really care if it's a hobby paint or not, I just want it to be spray paint and available. I've been going crazy looking at multiple Tamiya, Krylon, Rustoleum, etc blues to find a close match. Thank you in advance.
  5. Fantastic work! I'm excited to see more progress.
  6. I've sent him PMs and emails and nothing either. We used to talk a lot before. He still comes around as he was logged in 6 hrs ago. I don't understand how we're supposed to buy if he doesn't answer 😕
  7. There was also a can of Tamiya grey primer and a lot of Testors/Model Master paint jars. That told me that they also received new inventory of those. At least as far as the Tamiya primer goes, I wonder if they will be selling both together or simply sending out the remaining stock of Tamiya.
  8. I went to my local store today and they finally did a big re-stock after almost a year of diminishing inventory. I saw that they are carrying Mr. Surfacer 1000 now and grabbed the last can as I've only heard good things about it. Also saw the AMT Bulldozer, MPC Dodge D-100 and AMT Diamonds are Forever police car. for the first time at a Hobby Lobby.
  9. Josh, thank you for your input. Good to hear from someone who has first hand experience with it. As I said, I would mostly be interested in trying it out on smaller, flat surfaces such as roofs and hoods. Definitely not for wrapping a whole car or more intricate areas. I'm mostly thinking of white and black.
  10. Have any of you every applied vinyl to your models instead of painting? I've seen some guys do it on facebook and it caught my eye as a good possible alternative. I like to build a lot of police cars and light commercial type vehicles that sometimes have two-tone paint jobs. I figured it might be a good alternative when I have to, for example, build an all-black police car with a white roof. I can see myself painting most of the car black and then applying white vinyl to the roof. It might otherwise work well on other flat surfaces with clearly-defined borders. Anyhow, just looking to see if a
  11. I don't have personal experience with him. However, reading comments on facebook from guys who have purchased from him, they say the bodies look good from afar but they are very thick up close and require a lot of work (such as sanding) to get right. So if you really want the piece and are willing to massage the bodies to your liking, go for it. I think his prices are too expensive for the quality.
  12. 1973-1975 were the years for the removable roof.. The MPC kit is a 1975 model as it has the 1975-1976 grill. The Monogram is a 1976 due to the grill. But otherwise, point taken.
  13. Here's the real thing: https://barnfinds.com/coke-delivery-1970-chevy-c-10-short-bed/
  14. Yes, I have noticed the rise in prices as well. The kit itself is okay, but the police parts are of great quality. I'm planning on building a future AZ DPS version. If that's what you're aiming for, hit me up and I'll send you the reference material I have.
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