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  1. Try this.. overhead transparency film.. and rit dye.. hot water to nearly boiling. it's about .005" thick. I'm pretty sure it will work.. so much so that i'm going to buy some black dye tonight because i have a tinting job i need as well.. from what i've read transparancy film is a different kind of plastic that can absorb the dye.. unlike lexan or something like that. I'll find out for certain by the end of the weekend. It's kind of funny this thread popped up, because i've been waiting for the day to get over so i can get to the store and get some black rit dye for my project! (i a
  2. I think I think we should take the judges out of it.. egos shouldn't be at play in these things.. give each person who walks in the door 5 tickets, and let them put them into the jar next to the 5 models they like the most.. most tickets win.. I don't think 'technical excellence' or 'most authentic build' should matter.. if it looks cool.. it looks cool.. that should be what matters.. it shouldn't matter how you got there.
  3. I think it's shortsightedness and stubbornness.. it's a long tradition spanning generations.. comments on the subject are pretty much the exact same as they would be, no matter the decade. go to any decade.. the 1960's, 70's, 80's, whatever.. and you'll find 40 year olds grumbling at the stupid kids and their stupid hot rods.. proclaiming that their hot rods are far superior, and the younger kid's cars are a waste of time and money.. i personally feel that dirt racing is taking a huge hit to its future because of the huge aversion to turners.. it has in essence cut off a whole generati
  4. and one comparison shot of these cars, and a normal Hot Wheel for scale.
  5. A little later in Dirt Late Model history, we come to 1987, where the Wedge Cars were mostly banned. These smaller bodied dirt late models ruled the tracks. This is the first decal build of the 1987 Barren County Kit.
  6. i'm sure glad you liked them.. making parts is kind of an odd thing because i honestly never know exactly how people will like and use them... it's always a sigh of relief when people enjoy the fiddly-bits that i put out and can put them to good use.
  7. I sure appreciate it! but actually, the size being difficult is really just a problem with perspective. It honestly doesn't mean i'm a super modeler because i can work at that scale! i'll bet most people have smaller details and parts just in the engine of their 1:24th build then there are in this 1:64 car.. actually there are builds in 1:16th scale with smaller parts then this 1:64 car! The only difference is.. perspective. Take a distributor, the size of a distributor in 1:24 is about the same size as a wheel in 1:64. Now some people.. actually.. lots of people.. hand drill 8 hole
  8. Thanks! they are a lot of fun. here's one a little farther along, just a few more things to do and it will be all done.
  9. I'll just throw all of the images into one thread. The first build-ups of the new kits are underway.. I'm working on them two at a time. Lots of fun so far!
  10. HI Vernon, Kits will be $17.95.. I've been scratching and fighting to get them under $18 since their inception. I currently don't have any plans to offer decals. My hope is that other decal suppliers step up to offer some various lines of decals for these. The idea behind this whole line was to create a tool kit for modelers to create just about any dirt late model from the mid 1980's up to today.. The first wave is just these 4 cars. If they are well received, i'll continue on with another 4 different body styles, roof and nose options, etc. The possibilities are endles
  11. The new parts have just arrived. These kits will be photoetched brass with resin wheels and tires. I hope to have them available in about 3 weeks. More pictures to come once i have fully painted ones completed for a photo session. thanks for looking! - Dirt Modeler
  12. I just wanted to pipe in that i think it's cool everyone pooling together against a rip caster. I had a much different experience, which is why i've been silent on those who are copying my stuff. On a facebook group, someone had posted photos of my work and where he'd gotten it.. and someone posted "that's awesome!, i'm going to make resin copies of it!"... and the thread continued.. not a single person piping up and calling them out on it.. (i didn't say anything because i wanted to see where the thread would go) Low and behold a few weeks later, that same person loudly proclaimin
  13. yeah, annealing helps quite a lot. Heat with a propane torch (it gets brass hotter faster then using butane).. i put the stuff on a brick to heat it, then when red hot roll it into a water dish. i used that method on my headers, but used solid brass rod.
  14. I understand the frustration. I've seen re-pops of my stuff showing up too. I was initially pretty mad, but just came to terms with it. Resin casters come and go, most of the people who buy from people who sell re-pops are going to get ripped off sooner or later. A lot of these businesses fold when it stops being fun. If you take a risk at buying a knock-off from someone to save a few bucks, you have to accept the consequences when the stream of excuses as to why your order hasn't shipped for six months starts coming. People that are in the business for the long haul work hard to buil
  15. Those Flex's are super nice. Thought about one for myself. Well I gotta hand it to Indiana Craftsman, they build a great car.
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