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  1. You now have my full attention, I as well have this one on the list to build..
  2. If I can't find the ones I'm looking for I may go with those. I have a few of them. Thanks Do you sell them??
  3. The front spokes came machined aluminum specialties. Still looking for the rears, Anyone?
  4. I bought these rear rims from a seller on eBay but I believe he is also a member here. can someone direct me in his direction or to the seller on eBay. I know its a long shot but I gotta try. Thanks..
  5. thanks for all the comments, I think... here's a few more to take up bandwidth completed fuel pump scratchbuilt timing cover and cut down oil pan scratchbuilt Joe Hunt Vertex Mag.
  6. Alright guys, here's a small update on the Hilborn injection system. HAHA told you it was a small update..
  7. Thanks everyone. Bernard, You should try it now man, you are on point with your builds... Heres a small update on the front end and the cowl.. Thanks again for looking Still have some fitting to do on the cowl but you get the idea...
  8. Tampa Dump Tampa Tilt Or Tampa Rake refers to the downward appearance of the engine. Named for the style that Big Daddy preferred on his rails. It is based on frame design tire size and pinion angle and "engine out". Basically getting the engine as low in the frame to lower the center of gravity and help reduce the amount of wheels up wasted motion we all have grown to love in these front engine cars.
  9. Thanks guys. Heres another small update. Had to do a little tweaking on the chassis but I think I got it, Pretty boring stuff Right now guys I know. The engine work is coming soon enough...
  10. find an earlier revell 41 willys. it has the olds engine as well as the doors and trunk open..
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