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  1. Got to say, that is an awesome piece of work for 48 hours! Good job.
  2. That is an awesome build. The lights add so much extra to it. Just picking my jaw up from the floor...
  3. That's what I love about this site. Ask a question and get several quality answers back! Thanks to all of you.
  4. Hi, can anyone recommend a good website to find out about all the new releases? The Revell official site is terrible. Thanks in advance for any advice!
  5. Thanks for the tip Guy. There is a Halfords near me I can think of.
  6. Sorry, not of the actual problem itself. It occurred as I was fixing the chassis on and I was in too much of a hurry to glue it back together to take a photo.
  7. Thanks Steve! It was a pleasure.
  8. Thanks Brizio! Rob , I have seen the London Bus in one of our local shops and it looks like a mammoth task. Would love to see the photos of that assembly. Rest assured, the R8 Spyder is on my hit list!
  9. All the way through the painting and basic assembly this is a really enjoyable kit. It has the perfect combination of logical components and challenging painting. The frustration comes when fitting the chassis to the base. The exhausts simply do not fit through the holes in the real fender. In the recent assembly I just did this caused the back section to break off and I had to glue it back on. This was a frustrating end to what had been a great build. My advice would be to definitely buy this model if you are an Audi fan but don't fix the exhausts on until the very end.
  10. One more image of the interior thorough the passenger side window (the one above is a little blurry):
  11. My second attempt at this build (The first was my first ever model car). Really enjoyed it and it is always a pleasure to replicate one of my favourite cars of all time.
  12. Here are some photos of my R8 build that I just finished. I only have a handful of these as the build took very little time. One month from start to finish, a personal best.
  13. Thanks Junkman, fair point, I guess there is no need to paint them. I am hoping to post some pictures up soon of how my build is going.
  14. I am currently painting the Revell R8 but frustratingly the manual doesn't advise on a colour for the front headlamps. There is an orange specified for the indicator but not for the rest of the part. I am planning to use the 'Clear Gloss' (05) that they suggest for the alloys. Does anyone have any recommendations about how to get that Audi front lamp colour right? Thanks in advance guys!
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