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  1. Well, took me a time again. But here´s how I went on with this ole COE. I painted and weathered the major assemlies. I wanted some simple paint scheme on the cab. The notbook in the background shows my inspiration for the build. I even have the AMT´s low boy. My favourite feature on the notebook picture is the sanders. I had to include them in my build. They are ready for instalation. To be continued...
  2. A time ago a friend of mine Pavel Behensky aka Strato Models produced a limited series of Kenworth Bullnose transkit. The kit is no longer available but I started to build it just now. Also of the Strato Models production is the set of wheels, the steer and drive axles, the torsion bar suspension, the main and aux transmission, the 5th wheel and a pair of sanders. I borrowed the Cummins engine from AMT´s K123 kit and modified the transmissions to create a married box. I added a few items in the cab like the bunk, partition walls, the dog house insulation and curtain. The chassis consists
  3. I have a dumb question for you guys. If there is a married box in a COE truck, is it shifted by one stick or two? I can´t see a spot where the linkage to the AUX would enter.
  4. Thanks a lot guys for your words. I sorted out all the tiny parts and assigned them to the model they belong to. Everything is the boxes and plastic bags. And out of sight for the time being. The museum personnel have done tremendous job saving all the tiny pieces from the glass debris. I must really give them credit here. But some parts are missing anyway. Two windows of the London doubledecker bus are gone as well as some light lenses. The Peterbilt 377 lost its bumper and PE grill by CTM. Also some mud flaps are gone. All the mirror brackets are broken into such tiny pieces that it´s o
  5. Hi, guys. This is a tough one. I had some of my best builds on a permanent display in the local technical museum. Unfortunatelly, a burglar broke in and the glass case with my truck models stood in his way. He destroyed the glass gate and tried to push the display case off his way. But it fell on the ground and in the heap of glass fragments were the rermains of my spilled models. The museum has an insurance and I will get some compensation. But most likely it won´t cover the time and work spent on them. At first glance they look repairable. But it´s gonna take a lot of time again.
  6. I am bringing a bad news, I´m afraid. Pavel Behensky aka Stratomodels has announced his withdrawal from the big rig transkit "business" on his FB site. He says that it brings too many problems, it´s time and money consuming and he is tired of it all. Some projects won´t be finished, including the GMC Crackerbox and local Tatra 815. With Pavel you never know, but for the time being he concentrates on Czechoslovakian aircraft models.
  7. Just a question. I was told that the AMT kit headlights are too small and that they should be slightly bigger. True or false? What do you guys think?
  8. I finally found the pics of my version. It´s not accurate but at least a bit closer to reality. You can see the comparison between the kit part and mine.
  9. I have never built the 352 but I have built the 359 which shares the chassis parts with the 352. 1) The part is very simplified and doesn´t look realistic at all. I have scratchbuilt my own part. If I can suggest, take a look at a picture of a real height control valve set up in a truck and either scratchbuild the thing on your own or don´t use it at all. Just my opinion. 2) If a pin of any part makes the part fit wrong I just cut it off. If you think that the pin position is OK, then insert a piece of plastic in the gap.
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