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  1. Looks like you whipped it into fine shape! You have a great looking model there, in spite of the wheels. If you hadn't posted a picture of the real thing, I'll bet many would never have noticed! Now I can't un-see it; it almost looks like 1/25 wheels and tires on a 1/43 model. Another call out to the 3D printers in our midst!
  2. VERY nice! Hard to beat a clean black paint job, but now the real work begins...keeping it clean!
  3. Beautifully built and beautifully presented. Well done! This is even more impressive when one considers the humble kit it is built from.
  4. Very nice street machine! Beautiful build; love the stance, the wicked engine bay, and the big flake paint. Well done.
  5. Good idea with the added coloring, carpet is never perfectly color matched to upholstery, and looks toy-ish when it is. Loving this '62 build!
  6. Hey, that interior is looking nice, and your patience with the foil is really paying off. My only critique would be the shine of the "carpet", do you plan on flattening that?
  7. Very nice, clean build, and a very attractive color combo. Well done!
  8. Dig it! I like the red and black, and I'm betting that metallic black looks even better in person. Don't you love how some metallic effects disappear in photos, but invisible dust will look like cotton balls?! Wicked rake really looks like a proper street machine. Well done.
  9. Nice job! Love the old stockers; real racing!
  10. Nice work; outstanding period-perfect paint work as well. Well done!
  11. Here you go: https://public.fotki.com/drasticplasticsmcc/mkiba-build-under-c/revell-instructions/automotive-cars--pi/chevrolet/1951-1960/
  12. Sounds about right. My dad once had a 4-door hardtop 62 with a 327, and years later I got a 63 Biscayne with a 283-2 barrel-Powerglide combo, and he was surprised at how economical it was for me compared to his old car, but it wasn't a powerhouse by any means. I miss that car (my first that actually ran).
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