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  1. Ha! I gotta get one, now.😉 Looks pretty cool stock, I have to admit..
  2. Welcome! You'll find lots of answers here. As a new modeler, you'll find a lot of your questions have already been asked and answered; in fact some questions are so common that the thread with the solution(s) have been made "stickies", they are permanently stuck at the top of the listings under every forum topic. You really ought to read through a few to get started. Enjoy!
  3. Oh that red car is screaming to be hot-rodded, American style!
  4. Well done! Tasty color combo.
  5. Sharp! Nice red car, but as others have noted, we need more pics! This is IMHO the only car that really makes canted headlights "work" in the overall design, and in red it is just beautiful. Very well done.
  6. Excellent craftsmanship. Great to see these older kits brought up to a higher standard. Will be following along.
  7. Sharp car, and worth the effort! On the other hand, if you're sick of it, you can just send it to me! I love the '64 and '65 Comets.
  8. Much better with the yellow wheels and accents! Love the detailing on the bed surfaces. Very well done.
  9. Nothing but respect! That is a fantastic build, and totally works as a tribute to Dave's style. I always loved his cartoons, and of course the models! This one is done right-on.
  10. This will be fun, I enjoyed your previous build.
  11. I would go for the idea posted by Richard and Brian above, that of a dry-brushing technique. A single color straight from the bottle will never give you that appearance. I see a light yellow-greenish tan base, allowed to dry, covered with a thin flat gray, either dry-brushed (acrylic), or flowed on thinly (enamel) and dabbed back lightly with a paper towel until the look is achieved. I find it helps when re-creating something in scale like this, it helps to squint at the surface of your reference to filter out the distraction of thinking too much about WHAT it is, and focus on how it APPEARS.
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