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  1. Pretty sure that is where I remember seeing them. Looks like he was last here two years ago. Yes, I'd like a set for a basic Demon I am planning to build. If I had a set, we would cast them - with permission from the creator - and include them with the transkit. I bought a set of the '63 Ford dog dishes from RaSti, they are very nice indeed. Those Plymouth caps he has would be perfect for a base Duster.
  2. I did look there. He has the Monaco/van wheel covers, but not these. I could ask him, though.
  3. Possibly the nicest builds I've seen on all three kits, not very surprising considering the builder.
  4. I remember that someone offered these wheel covers not long ago, but I don't remember who it was. Does anyone know who has them?
  5. One of the cleanest builds I've seen on that kit. The engine bay and stance are really nice.
  6. This is shaping up to be one spectacular build. Interiors of this era were unmatched in style and intricacy, IMO.
  7. Hey, if anything, that makes it all the more impressive. Did you make the hood too?
  8. Wow, another great build with perfect proportions and fit. The tight fit of the doors to the body is especially noteworthy, rarely seen in a diecast model. Hard to imagine it was a presidential limo.
  9. Put the finishing touches on this car yesterday, before the Moonlight club meeting. The Aurora kit is just terrible, approaching if not equaling Palmer levels of terrible. I had one of these years ago mint unbuilt in the box and my intention was to try to correct it, as it's the only Cyclone kit of this vintage ever made. But the kit's value and my level of patience at the time were not lining up, so I sold it and waited for a glue bomb to bubble to the surface. When it did a year ago, I scooped it up and took stock of what I had to start with. Which was even scarier looking than th
  10. Thanks for the nice words Alan. The Comet is done, after I take some photos I will post it in Under Glass. I've been on a 1:32 kick for a few years now, peppering them in amongst the 1:25 projects and resin mastering work. I like the creative parts sourcing necessary in this scale, the oddball subject matter, and the general change of pace. Mike lives in the next city over, and I have been to his house and actually held that '34 coupe in my hands. It's otherworldly, it looks like a nicely detailed, pro built 1:25 scale street rod - but smaller, and has too many scratch built items to list. Wit
  11. OK, where were we? Oh yes. Close now, very close.
  12. Very nice work so far. It will be interesting to see your changes to the green house - roof pillars, vent posts, and window shapes.
  13. That is very impressive, a phantom that likely nobody else ever thought of, completely natural in proportion. And a super clean build on top of that, 10/10.
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