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  1. Heller Porsche 917. Saying the parts fit is "vague" would be a compliment. There's absolutely no positive place for location on some of it, mostly the suspension. I ended up keeping the wheels and tires and threw the rest away. I bought a Fujimi kit to replace it.
  2. Good design! Reminds me of the Hornet from the original Wing Commander game.
  3. Just finished this one today. I'm really proud of it. The paint is Duplicolor. I stripped the wheels and painted them steel, then picked out the center caps, trim rings and lug nuts with a chrome pen.
  4. Would be nice to see them reverse engineer some of the old kits. Maybe the body shells with new underpinnings?
  5. I think I need to just start living at Ollies. Want the '51 Chevy Bel Air
  6. I think there are a couple of different kits of this car that are curbside, but Aoshima makes a full detail one. Nit-pickers will notice the missing upper radiator hose. Carpet monster got it.
  7. Just finished this one today. It came out really well. I love the folding headlights.
  8. Wow! I thought those were pics of the real car at first. Outstanding job!
  9. Here's mine! 1972 Buick Skylark Custom 2dr hardtop, converted from the 70 GSX kit. Mine was Flame Orange with a white vinyl top. I cribbed the front bench from the 70 Road Runner and converted it from there. The other is a 78 Chevy Monte Carlo built from the Trumpeter kit. I'd like to take another crack at that one with the MPC kit.
  10. They were both on jack stands, so I think they were just there as decoration out front. But the Model A had its lights on. Not sure if they were runners or not. They had a sedan installed over the bar and several bodies/engines around the inside. Food was outstanding.
  11. Saw this in front of the Starbucks at Rookwood in Cincinnati earlier today:
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