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  1. I picked a 69 Barracuda S in this color for my first car. Dad popped the hood, closed it up and said, "Motors too big(it was a 383)" so I got a 68 Nova 350 SS . He never checked the cid thought it was a 307. BEAUTIFUL build.
  2. Thanks Chris. I'll let you know on jere when I get them. Thanks again.
  3. Ok, I've been gone for a while now, and when I got back, I notice all these adds for dateing Asian women, or some kinda pest control adds. What this all about? I honestly think this is rather out of place on a model car forum. When did this start and why?
  4. Wow just noticed this! Seein the dates this rascal HAS been gestatin a while now, but it is lookin good! Gonna stay with it to see how it comes out, as I have a mint unbuilt kit an I'd like to use your tips to bjild it! Thanks!
  5. My first car was a 68 Nova SS in Grecian Green Closely resembeling that same shade of green. My first car when I was 17 in 1970. Your lil Chevelle looks GREAT!
  6. Thanks guys for the votes of confidence! Yes, I DO rack them myself as my racks are already sizes to the vacim tanks my plater uses. IF your racks are 9 x 16 they WILL fit onto my racks in which case you can send them in and I will take care of the rest. If you want, you can just leave them loose and I will mount them. Just send a note with EXACTLY what you've sent me so I can be sure you get ALL your parts back. Unfortunately, I can't do GOLD plated parts as my chrome says it's NOT cost effective for him(as he uses REAL gold), But I've been told if you overspray the chrome with Tamiya A
  7. Then I guess you could always hit me uphere, IF that's allowed. OR just go to my E-Mail addy. tihggh01@hotmail.com.
  8. Hi guys. After a LOOONG hiatus, we're back up and running. My surgery went well and I'm still going to rehab for my shoulder surgery, but I've started takeing orders again as of the 1st of August. So far I've been able to fill orders and ready to take more. As before, bumpers and grilles are 5 bucks each, 4 wheels/rims are 5 bucks also. These prices are for 24th/25th scale parts. Larger pieces will be more depending on what it is. I can plate 12th, 16th and 1/8th parts. 24th/25th truck parts vary in prices depending on what they are, get with me for exact priceing. Contact me on my
  9. Tommy, check with Ron Andrews of RNR resins. I got one off him recently.
  10. THAT is EXACTLY what they're doing.
  11. Colby, I used the bucket seat out of a Revell 32nd scale Ferrari, I think it was a snap tite kit molded in red. It looked pretty good in the back seat of my 67 Impala SS.
  12. Rico, I have ordered your GTX grille already, and was VERY pleased with it. Is the rear grille ready yet? if so, then can I order it from you at the same place I got the grille from? Your detail work is amazing! Thanks!!!!
  13. Check out Missing Link. They have one. I know, caz I cast 'em for him!
  14. Check out Bandit Resins. They have a 70 GTX that'll fit your needs. Just sand off the GTX from it's flanks am there ya go, a RoadRunner! I got one and it's BEAUTIFULLY done!
  15. Thank you all for the kind words about GT KustomKrome. Yes I was given the business by Bob Dahl. I changed the name to GT KustomKrome so Bob wouldn't be bothered about it. The prices Bob had are still in effect, so nothing has really changed from when he owned it, other than the address. I can plate resin, styrene plastic and so far they've all come out great. I've only had trouble with the weird plastic string used in 3D printing. But, I'm working on that now too. So far I've been able to have GREAT results and a great relationship with my customers. I hope, if you decide to try m
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