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  1. I made my Bel air 4-door from the sedan kit that is like the 150 in your photo. It's not a hard conversion to do. Cut and move the door post forward, cover the old door seam , Then scribe in the new front/back door seams. Then add the rear vent window pillar, and outside door handles.
  2. Thanks, I think I have every main color's that Chevrolet had for 1957. One tone wise, two tone wise I know I don't as there were so many two tone color combo's. about 80% of those are the AMT Re-tooled with the opening trunks. There is one resin four door wagon, and three die cast 1/24 Nomads in with those. One Revell Bel-air sedan was converted to a four door sedan. Just have to get a resin copy of the four door Hard top. I also turned one of the AMT re-tooled into a 210 prototype that almost made it to full production that's the Prototype in the photo.
  3. On the Bottom (last shelf of "57 Chevrolet's) the three race cars #6 , #22, #47 all are the early Amt kits (IE Pepper shaker) The brown with silver roof is a monogram, and well the Revell Sedan's are easy to spot due to the door post.
  4. Yes I do I think IMHO that the '57 Chevrolet was the best looking of the tri fives. I have the Original tooled Amt '57 Chevrolets, The retooled Version's, The new Revell bodied copies Convertibale/ Bel air Sedan and 150 sedan. Monogram 1/24 '57 Chevrolet's And 4 of the Revell snap copies also in 1/25. Also have a couple of the old revell ones that the door's ,hood.Trunk opens on. Then there is Three 1/24 Die cast Nomads. and a Nomad Delivery customized Snap on tools Glo-mad.
  5. Yike's Don't throw away that Pro Shop '57 Chevrolet (yellow car on the box) ! That is one of the best detailed '57 Chevrolet model's going, In fact I have over 40 of those Retooled '57 Chevrolets built here. Those pro shop retooled copies come with real rubber hoses, bumper dagmars, and the photo etched parts! Not to mention plug wire as well! Of course I have nearly 70 built 1:25- 1:24 '57 Chevrolet's
  6. 100% 1970 Impala kit in that '69 box. The dead giveaway is that the front fender's are cut in for the front bumper, Unlike the '69 i the added photo
  7. MPC should have done the Chevrolet Pickup's from 1981- 87 . Either in Scottsdale or Silverado. with the options of 4X4 , two wheel drive, short box, long box and step side's
  8. The only one real issue with this kit that bugs me is the Chrome suspension part's front and rear.
  9. Atom Ant! and a live action show such as Sid and Morty kroft;s H.R.Pufnstuf and Land of the lost. The Grape ape, Hong Kong Phooey, and Not Forgetting STAR TREK THE ANIMATED Series. A
  10. Josie and the pussycats, the Archie's, The Jetson's, jabber jaws, Ed grimley , G.I.Joe , Transformers, M.A.S.K., Woody wood pecker, Popeye and son, Tiny Toon Adventures, Tennessee Tuxedo, Go-Go Gophers, Dudly do-right, She-ra, And Yogi and the whole Hanna Barbera / Warner Bro's cartoons. Some where repeats that were first aired before I was born or shortly after.
  11. Hobby Lobby today: MPC GMC Deserter, and AMT '63 Impala. Plus they finally had the model master paints reduced so I bought 5 can's of spray and three bottles. MM spray paints: 1913 flat green, 1923flat gunship gray, 28128 Chevrolet Nassau blue,290205 Artic blue Met, and 2938 racing Orange. MM bottle's : Skin tone, rust, And Ford /GM engine Blue.
  12. found and had the only bid on them on Ebay! Surprised the me that no one else had bid on it, nor did it have any one watching other then me.
  13. Since I am in the process of making the MPC "Deserter" GMC into not only a two wheel drive pickup, but a '81 Chevrolet as well. I have read on here about using a chevy van kit for the two wheel drive conversion. Then it struck me why not see if a '88-94 Chevy C-1500 parts would work. So I took a short bed 90's promo, and unscrewed the chassis to check into if it would fit. The body/bed fit right down on that promo chassis like they were made for each other! the wheels line up perfectly under the '84 GMC cab/bed. So I found an sealed '90 step side C-1500 that will become the needed parts for t
  14. Got the MRC Texaco gas pumps with island today (unbuilt copies).. The Width of the pumps look right, but the height is way to tall . So I cut em' down some before building them.
  15. Decatur Indiana flea market which is held only once a month. I bought these from four different vendors. The '63 Galaxie friction promo $25.00, the 60 Ford 4 door promo $3.00, the '96 collectors corvette $3.00 and the '74 Cuda plus '88 Camaro $10.00 each
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