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  1. The 1970 will be the final one that I do. Correct on the 1971 B5 hue being darker. I actually prefer it over the earlier B5. MCW has the correct shade and two bottle are on the way to me. The 1971 is an interesting build. I have collected parts from other kits to make this one a correct Hemi car. For example the ramcharger hood, air cleaner and correct bazooka exhaust tips are from the 1971 Charger street machine kit, bucket seats are from Harts Parts, short 4-speed pistol grip shifter and body color sport mirror are from the Revell 1970 Cuda kit along with the exhaust resonators.
  2. I have been away for awhile and am in the process of starting back building a series of Dodge Charger R/T and Daytona's. I have been busy getting all parts prepped for painting, building the engines, working on the interior seats (eliminating seams) removing all mold lines and pin release marks on ALL parts including the bodies, test fitting part making sure everything aligns properly, buying the factory paints, and doing a lot of research between a 440 car and a 426 Hemi car such adding the torque boxes to the chassis on the Hemi cars and difference in the exhaust. All cars will have decal
  3. For those who have close connections to the model manufactures I have a great question. With the popularity of the recent Dodge Challengers such as the Hellcat, Demon, Challenger T/A and 392 Shaker cars why hasn't the kit manufactures capitalized on the success Dodge is having with the Challenger and the Charger. I am sure they would be more popular instead of the constant re-runs that keep doing.
  4. You are doing a lot of great detailing work! I will be following your progress
  5. I also have the Landy car as well as the Hemi car. Those are future projects.
  6. I am using the engine transmission from the kit. I have already primed and cleared the floor board as well as the underside of the chrome console plate.
  7. Thanks John. I kinda figured that the quality control was spotty. I had planned on the exhaust manifolds being painted engine turquoise.
  8. Here is what I hope to replicate as far as overspray on the underside. These are photos of underside of my 2019 Challenger 392 Scat Pack Shaker with just 69 miles on the clock. I ordered it a year ago and took deliver first week Jan 2019.
  9. In 1968 Mr. Norm had 48 or 50 (depending on what source you read) Dodge Darts produced with the 440 magnum engine. Unlike the 1969 440 Darts which could be ordered from the factory, all 1968 440 cars were sold through Grand Spaulding Dodge. This is such a cool model, I am building this one along side my Chargers. I am going to share a step by step build of this model replicating the look of a factory produced car, not a overly restored car. I have started with the chassis, I filled the front frame rails, removed all copyright wording. I used Tamyia grey primer on the chassis. In order to
  10. Correct and I am adding. The 1968 torque boxes differ slightly from the 1970. So I am taking another set of 1970 boxes and modifying them to resimble the 1968 style. Both my 1968 and 1970 Charger builds will have 426 Hemi
  11. Chassis is now in primer. I will let cure for a few days then overspray body color onto the chassis followed by detailing all suspension components, exhaust, etc.
  12. Chassis is now in primer. I will let cure for a few days then overspray body color onto the chassis followed by detailing all suspension components, exhaust, etc.
  13. My second planed build for 2020 is a 1970 Hemi Charger. Like the 1968 model, this one too is a one of one, the real car is in the Brothers Collection. This one will wear another rare color called Ice Blue metallic and will have a black vinyl top and a white scat pack stripe. The paint photo is off a bit. The color looks like the photo of the real car. Additionally is will have GoodYear Poly glass white letter F60-15 tires with body color steel wheels and dog dish hub caps. I have the trim completed for the vinyl top and will be texturing the roof to look like a vinyl top. This will be a
  14. I am planning on two builds for 2020. First in the hopper is a 1968 Hemi Charger. This one will have a 4-speed no console, red line tires and body color steel wheels with dog dish hub caps. Color will be a rare hue called Surf Turquoise or Med Dark Turquoise Metallic with black interior. No stripes, just plain Jane. The Brothers Collection has this car and it is one of one. I have started the engine, but there is a lot of detailing left to do. This will be a factory stock model and will replicate a factory produced car, including paint making on the chassis components and correct colors
  15. You need to contact him via ebay. He replied to me and said that he has them and will be back from vacation on November 8th. Contact him then and he will be able to get you taken care of.
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