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  1. Excellent looking build Tim...….Paint looks like candy.
  2. This build is based on the repop of the Iaconio Pro Stock kit. I've upgraded a few things like the wheels, more modern hood scoop, new rear wing, shifter and so on. Its painted in Testors flaming orange and cleared with MM clear. I used an assortment of decals including the Gary Burgin name and others which have been in my decal collection for at least 15 years. They fit this build nicely. I added some photo etch parts through out and a couple of resin items and I made the window net as well. I did this build as a fast bracket style car which would be a hoot to drive. Thanks!
  3. Up to your old tricks again Tyrone......Nice work as usual!
  4. That's a beast alright......Good job.
  5. Lookin' good Wayne. Are the wheels1/24 or 1/25?
  6. Thanks again to all for the great comments and compliments!
  7. Larry you have a super clean and highly detailed building style...….Everything is perfect! I'm glad to see a nice sheen on the seats as real vinyl interiors have a gloss to them. Excellent work and clear pics are always a plus!
  8. Thanks to all again for the great comments. Here is the dio base that I will use when I show or display this model.
  9. I built the garage dio in 2007 and have been adding bits and pieces to it ever since. It has won Peoples Choice and Club Pick awards to name a couple. Glad you like it.
  10. Thanks to all for the great comments! I'll have a few more pics with the diorama base specifically for this model soon.
  11. Bo Lidden drives this junker looking Grumpy's Toy and went to Number 1 in Top Sportsman......yeah right....LOL! I'll say this one is done and it has a slick chassis and interior, brand new looking big inch engine and a really nice set of wheels and so on......the body is a different story though....rough and tumble and ready to rumble. If it happened to be a real car I'd say it would be a beast.
  12. Thanks for the comments guys......More pics soon.
  13. Graphics are great Wayne....anxious to see your detail work.
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