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  1. Working 12 hour days, six says a week now for the past four months. All because people here don't want to do their job.
  2. Philly cheesesteaks for dinner tonight! Although this is the simple version. Just steak and onions with provolone cheese on a fresh sub roll.
  3. It would be really nice if they brought out the Beall tanker again. I have one and I'm almost afraid to build it because it is very rare to find another one at a price that won't kill your bank account.
  4. Yes, they have been selling out everywhere. And I would love to see more trailer and truck kits come from Moebius. A modern tanker would be killer! Some modern Peterbilts and Freightliners!
  5. Making decent progress. Almost ready to paint the deck. Currently working on the suspension. There is a fairly good sized sink mark on one of the axles that needs to be addressed. Other than that, no major issues so far. I'll try to have some more pics this weekend as I have no time to work on it after I get off work. Thanks for watching!
  6. I got mine from ebay. But, they seemed to have sold out pretty fast.
  7. Have you tried ebay? I got mine for $60 shipped. There are three or four listings for it.
  8. I have to say, certian parts of this build kind of feel like an amt kit. Some parts are molded really well, while other parts are kind of heavy handed. So far, everything fits pretty well. The frame rails have a pretty decent sized mold line, but nothing a scapel blade and some sandpaper can't handle. Also, the above aforementioned rub rails need to be glued together small sections at a time. So far, a really enjoyable kit!
  9. The rub rails have a good bit of warping. But, if you're careful and glue a little bit at a time and hold it with tape, it all lines up very well. I'm currently working on the other side. Same issue with warping. So, make sure you take your time and glue small sections and hold it with tape. I'm really enjoying this build so far. In fact, it's going so good, I decided to share with you and start an in progress thread, something I have shied away from. I really want to finish this and I don't really forsee any major problems. Thanks for watching! Edit: I found it easiest to go ahead and g
  10. I just recieved this kit today. Couldn't wait to start on it, so I shoved my other projects into my closet and got to work on it. I have to say, apart from some minor flash and some warpage of the rub rails, this kit is fitting pretty good! So far, I'm only a couple of hours into it and I have the frame put together and glued down to the top deck. More to come.
  11. I just recieved my flatbed kit today. Apart from some minor flash, the kit looks wonderful! It will be built alongside my Prostar. Now, I just need to decide on what load it will carry.
  12. My early birthday presents came today. Can't wait to start on these!
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