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  1. Yes, I will still finish up the one I am working on, and would certainly build another for next year
  2. Some contests explicitly exclude items such as stretching sprue for antennas and other such similar actions. Here is a link the the riles from the final GSL, https://www.gslchampionship.org/competition-principles/ that is VERY specific. Some contests, like Desert Scale Classic actually have a second box stock catagory where KIT parts are allowed to be used from another kit as long as they are identified and unmodified.
  3. Each contest I have ever entered seems to have it's own intricacies, but each should specifically outline what they allow. Most I have entered allow things like cutting open the exhaust tips etc, some allow different decals and considered them a "finish" much the same as foil. Some of the old custom kits also call out things in the instructions, such as parts swaps from other kits, and some contests even allow that. Ultimately, read the rules for the given contest you are interested in.
  4. At the mall today. We have a few of these Myers based buggies running around the valley.
  5. Glad to hear it. With PSA being easy tp pick up in blood work, and other markers for that matter, no reason not to have blood work done regularly. Prostrate cancer when detected is also highly treatable. Glad it worked well for you.
  6. That night lit shot looks great
  7. Excellent! Our buddy Chris will be stoked at the cover!
  8. I hope to start mounting the motor this coming week, but for now at least it is up on its feet.
  9. Do not see these built up really. I have one in the stash, so it is nice to see yours. It even looks fiddly.
  10. When is this build deadline? The thread started with Dec 8/9 but I do not recall that being set/final, but I got sidelined by needing info from the TROG organizers, but they never responded, and no one else knew so I worked some other projects while waiting. I am back on this and should not have many more sessions.
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