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  1. Extremely cool project. I have always wanted to do a smooth customer like this, but have never had the vision to create one.
  2. Very nice. Those wheels look great on a lot of GM applications, but really fit that design.
  3. nice, saw many of those in my hometown years ago at our local 1/4 mile track.
  4. I got lucky at Hobby Lobby yesterday at a couple different locations, and picked up a several cans and bottles including a can of metallizer aluminum plate. Got out again today to drive around and check out a few more locations (we have 11 Hobby Lobby's in the valley) but after hitting a couple more it was pretty clear my fellow modelers in the valley had also heard the news and grabbed most of the stock up. I do not begrudge the. At 75% off, $1.57 for the spray cans and .99 cents for the bottle, smoking deal.
  5. Shucks, I would be happy to land a re-builder if you ever need to move one. I keep an eye out for a good condition one, but have yet to land one. The ones I see online I get outbid on.
  6. Thanks Juergen, my apologies for the late response but between work, vacation, and family responsibilities I have no been online here in a while. I used the hairspray method. In this case, I did not want a rusty underneath as I envisioned the door as aluminum. The door is grooved plastic sheet that I shot with a coat of Model Master aluminum paint that I buffed lightly, but I would imagine Alclad or other options would work just fine. I then sealed that with a flat clear, then hairspray, then water-based acrylic paint over that. after 20 minutes or saw, I wet that and then just started draggin
  7. Great, glad they arrived. Sorry for the late response, but between work and family, I have not been online here much
  8. Indeed, sounds like fun. Maybe 20 years ago, I tried to get some adult model builders to consider building some for fun....They apparently had no inclination to get down on their hands and knees to crash model cars. LOL
  9. Hmm, never considered that, and I have plenty of that around.
  10. I was not a firecracker user, but my neighborhood model builders build real Smash-up Derby cars. While there were restrictions, you essentially glued everything in place using only model glue and sprue as solid as you could, but you could not put bars over the wheels for example. Then once completed, we would take turns going to different kids houses and on a smooth surface, sit about 10 feet apart and 5-6 kids at a time would on the count of three slide the cars into the center of the floor to collide. This would be repeated until cars were "knocked out" which happened when either both front
  11. Very cool. Looks like a fun project with great results. I need to do more of those if I have any hopes of getting through more of my stash. 😁
  12. I almost picked up the London Cab kit, but I absolutely would get a Checkered cab.
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