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  1. I dig it! I always like that kit, but I understand what you mean about the fitment. Seems that some of my fond memories of these kits, mostly due to subject matter, is a bit rosy, but with a different experience as an adult builder. They can still make great looking shelf pieces tho, as is the case here with yours.
  2. Good looking model, the wheels suit it well with that color.
  3. Looks like you have a very nice setting up coming along here.
  4. Just completed a great trade with JollySipper
  5. Proud or not, I think you have done some really nice work here, especially in the engine bay. Are those resin wheels?
  6. I was goin to say the same thing, that is what I was thinking from the looks. I agree, if there is a way for BMF to return to their good stuff, let's hope they do.
  7. Well, so I am using the last of my "new Improved" and I have two packs of the "Chrome", opened one to check it out,,,,,and sadly you are all correct, it is horrible. It does not conform, does not stick....I am at a loss now. I had heard that ModelHiro made chrome, but I cannot find that. I thought about trying the EZ chrome, but have not heard anything good about it either.
  8. For most applications the 2K clear may be super shiny, but it's way to thick (scale wise) in my opinion, and unrealistic on most builds other than perhaps show rods, customs, boats, and maybe some of the new generation sports cars that have that "wet" look in the 1:1 world. I bought some 2K clear some time back, but it remains sealed due to my reservations, and lack of desire to pony up for full face respirators, hoods, wear long sleeves in the model room etc etc. Plus, despite having a booth that vents outside not 100% is going out through the booth, and as my hobby room is still in the house
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