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  1. Clean looking ride. That interior would be comfortable for a long drive.
  2. Beautifully done and like the interior color with the black exterior. The engine looks well detailed without looking cluttered.
  3. Beautiful looking paint color and finish. I'm not sure of the color you said you were trying for, but this looks great to me. Nice to see this as a more mainstream body style. All the trim looks really cleanly done and I like the body stripe as well.
  4. Beautiful looking paint finish and I like how you added all the "Calk" marks on the chassis.
  5. Like the smooth Kustom look. One thing I noticed, and it may just be the angle of the picture, the hood looks to be at a different angle than the body lines. Having built one or two of these I remember the mounting of the Grill/Front Fenders/Hood all seem to be going at different angles just enough to make it hard to align the front end. The look I'm seeing in the photo, the second one, looks as if the hood starts going uphill from the firewall. I like the style you seem to be going for on this.
  6. There is a company that offered short plastic sticks with an adhesive tip that would hold the part you're trying to place on a model. The adhesive usually was good for one or two times and would easily release the part with little pressure or support for the part you're attaching. I found them at a local hobby shop, but I'm sure any of the online suppliers would also carry them.
  7. Great looking paint finish and the trim all looks cleanly done. The Dish Slot, Ansen knock offs maybe? , wheels are very period correct.
  8. As everyone has mentioned, it's been pretty common for companies to offer knock offs of popular designs with wheels and many other items as well. The ET Wheel company did have one feature that may or may not have made them unique enough to avoid any copy rights. The ET wheels had what they called a "Uni-Lug" system. The mounting points on the wheels were oblong and not drilled for a specific lug nut design. They used a flat oblong shaped washer that would fit into a relief cut or cast into the wheel center section. These would hold the oblong washers in place and the washers were available with different spacing so that the same wheel could be used on most all passenger cars regardless of their lug spacing by just changing the "Uni-Lug" insert. This also cut down on a retailer's stocking inventory since they only had to stock a lot of the washers and lug nuts. Owner's advantage if they changed brand of cars since all thay had to buy was a different set of lugs and washers.
  9. Besides the body design, I like the full-length sunroof and the paint treatment. Great way to display and keep your friends memory.
  10. Beautiful looking build. I like the extra attention to the details on the chassis and engine. If this is second place, I have to wonder what first place looked like.
  11. Enjoyed watching this come together. Great looking style and detailing. I like the Radiator "Leaper" nice touch.
  12. No, this is scary ! Now this is scary.
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