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  1. Beautiful looking paint finish and color. I like the interior color you used along with the engine and drive line. The flat hood makes it look more like a car that could be driven even if it was raining.
  2. Another good source for what you may be looking for would be www.TX3Dcustoms.com.
  3. Like the chassis front end work.
  4. I bought one of the original issues years ago, still unbuilt by the way. After unboxing the model and seeing what it was, I just put it back in the box and put it away.
  5. Glad you're getting this put together. The reason I mentioned the problem is that I have found a few interior packages when assembled were wider than the interior of the body and would hit on one side or the other. Sometimes have even had to narrow the dash mounting allowing the interior sides to narrow enough to fit. This would also not allow the chassis to fit completely into the body and issues like you mentioned have been some of the additional problems. Like the side trim and color you used on this.
  6. After seeing what is in the box I'm disappointed to say the least. The I beam front axle could be used under a gasser, maybe. The real pickup had an independent front suspension.
  7. Great looking color and the fitment of the wheels and tires under the body look perfect. Like the little details with the bed hardware and taillights.
  8. Beautiful looking paint finish and color. The interior two tone treatment looks great and well detailed as is the engine. I agree with you about the kits dish slot wheels, save those for another project.
  9. Great looking color. I have never had a bad reaction between a body painted with Tamiya paint and Testors wet look clear. Just make sure that the color coat is dry and apply the clear in light coats. When in doubt just use the Tamiya clear as it is just about as good and responds well to polishing.
  10. If the chassis isn't already permanently attached to the body, start looking for where the interior might not be seating up into the body. Have had this happen with a few kits even in addition to AMT's.
  11. Wonder about a car I saw in traffic yesterday. Stop and go traffic on a 6-lane surface street with everyone either on their brakes or their gas, not a good time to whip out the phone for a picture. What I saw was a new or newer Dodge charger with R/T markings in a shade of light brown I had never seen before. My question has to do with the license plate. We see a lot of plates from other states here, no big deal, but this was a Neveda plate and had a prefix of P over D and then a number. Maybe someone here familiar with Nevada PD cars can clarify what I saw. A couple of unique looking features besides the unusual color. The windows were tinted all the way around and was darker than what we are allowed here. The tires were as wide as you would see on a Hell Cat but had more sidewall to the tires and the wheels were alloys painted black. The car had the low rear deck spoiler, not seen on PD cars around here. Looked like someone had sort of fixed up a nice R/T until you get to the license plate. No lights, push bars, antennas, or spotlight. Oh, and a couple of hard day's drive from his jurisdiction if it was a Neveda PD.
  12. Got to have a few of these. Once owned a '74 C-10 Chyanne Super short step and later a '79 Silverado short step model.
  13. Great looking paint finish and color. Like the bed cover details, and chassis detailing.
  14. espo

    '55 Chrysler 300

    Beautiful looking paint finish and looks so good in that shade of red. Great interior and engine detailing.
  15. You are right about Future being runny. What I have done when treating the windows in a kit is to attach the window in some way to a clip that is then put into a mount that will hold the windows upright. As you pointed out, it does run and rather than have it drip all over everything or run down the mounting, I'll use a paper towel to just touch the bottom edge of the window. The Future product running off will go onto the towel and be wicked away.
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