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  1. That pretty much looks like a GM shifter. Watch the directional tread on the tires as it's hard to tell on some of the tread designs.
  2. Half the people on the road today can't control what they're driving now. The answer is more power ? EV's are here and many more are on the way in pick ups and SUV's as well as most any body style you can think of. Beyond the Piolet Error issues we are seeing with the ones on the road now there are many other associated issues to consider. Recharging stations for one since our electrical grid is being taxed just to keep your home air conditioner going. What about Road Taxes ?, you know how are the owners going to pay their fair share of the cost of the road ways? Many taxing questions and we
  3. You might want to get some sort of solid wood or cork board that you can use just like a chassis jig. You will need to have a way to attach the frame parts and measure to make sure they remain square before gluing the frame together. With a cork board type surface you can use straight pins to hold the parts in place before gluing. You could tape them as well but I think you would want an attachment system so that the parts wouldn't shift around while you're working on them.
  4. I agree that the Dark Cherry Mt. looks good on this body style. The stock wheels on the SS were 17" and they had some nice wide tires as well.
  5. Great looking '57. These colors were very common on these cars in that era and your paint finish looks great. The trim looks good to me as well.
  6. Great looking Chevelle. The paint finish looks good and the trim is all really clean looking. I notice the shifter in one of the pictures of your friends car. Most of the Chevelles I remember that had bucket seats also had the console and in the picture his doesn't look to have one. I know that they would build these just about anyway that you would order them at that time but unusual all the same. Your friend should love getting this.
  7. Great find on the pictures and the negatives. You might think about a little scrap book for your Mustang. Like the stance on your build.
  8. The shape of the roof looks great. I wonder about the amount of the overhang on the windshield, but that can be adjusted later as you see how it looks going forward.
  9. I forgot to welcome you to the forum. I agree with what a difference some of the most insignificant details can add to the overall look of a model.
  10. Thankyou for the information. I just remember as a young child some of our old family cars and how hot and itchy the seats would be in the summer.
  11. Paul Pain makes a good point about the effects of spraying over your weathering effects. My thought was to protect the finish when being handled and even wrapped to protect the finish when going to shows. I think if you replicated your finish on the old picnic spoons and then tried a little flat clear and see for yourself how it would effect the finish before you take a chance of doing anything with the model it's self.
  12. I have watched your build on this. I find it amazing to look at this now and I remember what you started with. Great fabrication as well as dedication to put this together.
  13. Very creative. I guess the Pandemic has had an effect on all of us. I like the rear tracks and the details of the interior and the hatch with the machine gun. This would make a good prototype for the next Mad Max franchise as well. I like all the little touches you notice the longer you look at the pictures.
  14. You did a lot of major surgery on the front end on this build. The paint looks great and I like the Olds Fiesta Hub Caps. Sort of the "Tail Dragger" stance now but if you do want to change it I would think the front suspension could be redone without changing the interior floor. Great overall look and cleanly done.
  15. Great looking 'Cuda and I like the lighter colored interior, nice change.
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