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  1. They all look so great and cleanly built.
  2. Beautiful looking traditional style.
  3. espo

    1936 Ford

    I like the vintage style of your build. Great looking paint work. I had forgotten that they had the chopped top in that kit.
  4. Another great looking performance car build.
  5. If you're working on a bend or corner you could try some thin fine line tape and build it up with a second layer of heavier tape. I don't have any patience either, but slow and steady is better than trying to fil the lines you cut into the tape or off into the body. I have done that and no mater how hard you try the blade wants to follow your mistake instead of your intended line.
  6. Been there done that and I'm wearing the T-Shirt. Usually you can use a strip of masking tape as a guide and start to redefine the parting line with very light pressure on a #11 blade. Try not to cut to deep or fast until the line is straight enough to step up to a panel line tool or some sort of carving tool to match the present body lines. I had another modeler suggest to me that the tape like you would be used in the tool used to make plastic labels would work even better than the tape as a guide.
  7. I bought one of these when first released based on the box art. When I opened it I found the same old hardtop body inside. Not all bad, but I wanted the post sedan as in the box art.
  8. I have also had this happen once in a while. Usually the main cause is applying the additional clear coats before the first coat had time to "flash" as the manufactures usually suggest a 20 minute time for that to happen. Also if the second coat is to heavy of an application can also lead to the same problem. My best painting results usually include staying with the same brand of paint thru out. I had the exact same thing on the roof of a '56 Chevrolet sedan delivery and I had to sand the surface to the point that the color coat was being effected before I could get it smooth again.
  9. A question about your question ? Sounds as if you may have removed the body panel seem line in the body with excessive sanding of the body.
  10. Very realistic looking. Makes you feel sorry for the old work horse.
  11. I learned a lot watching your body modifications on this build. Great looking finishes and the interior looks great as well.
  12. Great looking collection of '55's. You could call it the Good, Bad, and the Ugly. I find each setting relatable in someway to real life. I like the evolution of the convertible.
  13. I like the base model style of this build. Great looking finishes.
  14. Beautiful looking color and paint. Interior is cleanly detailed .
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