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  1. as a kid it was almost anything, then it became anything and everything Mopar then started to branch out to other brands of muscle cars with a few classics thrown in (mostly tri 5) and a bit of drag race stuff. I guess I've built bought traded and sold way to many of those type kits cause now I won't even look at them and haven't bought a kit from those catagories in years and can't think of a single new kit they could make that would interest me, so now its pickups and other lifted 4x4 stuff, air cooled VW, Porsche and big rigs which I have been buying quite a few of
  2. from everything I've read for years, that second car they used in the Cali shows was a 71 Satellite Sebring plus, not a GTX or RR the Satellite Sebring Plus could be ordered quite loaded up with options, in fact if you google around a bit there are pics of her car having the round Ralleye gauge dash which would have gotten you the wood grain panels like the GTX, look at this pic you can make out the trim around the round gauges also of note is the dash insert above the glove box the vents indicate it was an A/C car, also note the rear view mirror has been removed for filming
  3. Sorry to hear about the Jeep, but I'd think long and hard before just throwing it out, the good bodies and engines are getting hard to find, the junkyards here are loaded with rot boxes, maybe find a way to store it for a while, you have a ton of good parts there and you'd be surprised how much it cost now days to build even a simple one like that, if you do part it they bring decent money and have parted about a dozen when my sons and I used to wheel them
  4. Demons were 71-72 and Don't know if this helps or even how hard they are to find on the secondary market, but Cady made a couple sheets and last detail made a Duster/Demon sheet
  5. https://www.shapeways.com/product/H83JB24M9/1-25-scale-mufflers-pair seems like I've seen others in resin as well
  6. those wagon wheels were insanely popular in that time period and were made in sizes to fit everything from 4 lug trailers up to 8 lug heavy duty 4x4 trucks, B-N-L used to cast some that would be more appropriate for a 2wd truck or a car but I'm unsure of his status right now, there are several sets from kit part out people listed on Ebay right now, just go to model cars and type in wagon wheels those from Brian's picture look pretty good and could be narrowed from behind if needed
  7. https://hartspartsresin.com/product/71-plymouth-satellite-hood/
  8. you do know there was 2 different cars right ?? the early car Georgia episodes was a 73 RR then later the 71 Satellite that you posted, easy to tell the difference on the show the 71 always has the chrome wagon wheels and the RR had the Magnum 500 wheels if building the Ga car I'd probably start with the 74 kit but I'm not 100 % sure if the grille and taillights are identical between 73-74 if building the 71 the Revell GTX would be the place to start with a Harts Parts Satellite hood, not sure about the stripes I've never seen them and then its 24th scale if that bothers you
  9. also didn't hear new kit or new tooling so I'm guessing it will have something to do with the Kenworth T600 since its been 30 yrs since last seen
  10. good advice above just scrub clean and prime, I will ad this I've had very good success whitening the whites on vintage RC10 and Traxxas R/C parts with just regular over the counter hydrogen peroxide in a sealed clear container placed in the sun, I've never tried it on plastic models but maybe if you had a yellowed white promo or something it might be worth a shot
  11. yup sure do there was this one also, I wasn't into the IMSA widebody thing and didn't buy them bitd but probably would now, I still think the red pro street issue was the last use of the tooling then it disappeared
  12. would love to see the Super Z in the Super Z box, yes the box art has sentimental value to me, I think the red issue Pro Street was the last use of the tooling in the mid 80s and not all the super parts are included,
  13. don't know if you have any music stores close by, Guitar Center, Music Go Round etc even small mom and pops or whatever but they have all been very cool around here and let me play any guitar I want, maybe go out and try a bunch first. don't overlook pawn shops either if you know what your looking for, I've bought some pretty good stuff very reasonably sorry cant really offer bass specific recommendations in fact I just traded off my Jackson 5 string found out bass wasn't for me, keep in mind what Dan said about the MIM Fenders that's been my experience also
  14. this example has been the same as my experiences the past few years of selling off stuff except its not the 100% total cost, if you buy postage online add the cost of labels, ink(bought any lately??) tape which you can not get from USPS like you do the boxes and then if you have to buy packaging material such as bubble wrap or peanuts it all adds up so with all that in mind I don't mess with listing anything less than $25
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