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  1. I'll be there, bringing a bunch of stuff to sell, models, resin, decals, parts, etc.
  2. I used Fotki for about 15 years too but started migrating to Flickr a few years ago. Fotki wanted to charge too much for the 3tb I was using so I'm moving off the site. Also Fotki lost a lot of images over the years and they moved back to Estonia a few years ago. Flickr charges me $25 a year for a Pro account with unlimited storage which i take advantage of! Great mobile app too. Never have liked Photobucket! Fotki always has had the best way to organize your images.
  3. Have to agree on Photobucket being slow and I'm on a very fast Cable connection, while I still have and will keep my Fotki account I have been using Flickr for the past few years and have to say it works well!
  4. Not much to enlighten, paste photo url in the box and click insert into post and it posts the photo in your post, maybe it doesn't work with photobucket but has worked fine for me. I tried one from Photobucket and see what you mean about the screwy thing. But a simple copy and paste worked on the displayed image in Photobucket as seen below - never did like photobucket
  5. Using Insert other media seems to work fine for me.
  6. You might enjoy looking through these albums... Shelby American Collection, Boulder, Colorado Larry H. Miller Total Performance Museum, Tooele, Utah
  7. I'll have to stop by if Danno is going!
  8. Outlining the wood in black kinda kills the look for me.
  9. Not a hobby shop but if you like early Ford stuff this is also close to the track... Early Ford Store in San Dimas
  10. ...a few more... 091014 Colorado Grand 018 by SoCalCarCulture, on Flickr 091014 Colorado Grand 019 by SoCalCarCulture, on Flickr 091014 Colorado Grand 020 by SoCalCarCulture, on Flickr 091014 Colorado Grand 022 by SoCalCarCulture, on Flickr 091014 Colorado Grand 023 by SoCalCarCulture, on Flickr 091014 Colorado Grand 028 by SoCalCarCulture, on Flickr 091014 Colorado Grand 033 by SoCalCarCulture, on Flickr
  11. So, as we head down the hill toward Colorado Springs I keep seeing cool cars, they were still coming as we got to our turnoff so I kept going toward Salida, Probably saw 60+ cars going the other way but as I got into town I turned up a side street and these were parked at the curb, getting ready to leave... 091014 Colorado Grand 001 by SoCalCarCulture, on Flickr ...the white Birdcage I recognized as one I had shot back in 2009 at Coronado... 091014 Colorado Grand 003 by SoCalCarCulture, on Flickr ...got talking to the support crew and took a few pics... 091014 Colorado Gran
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