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  1. Didn't they buy the Revell 1/16th Dragster/Funny Car kits? This was a hot topic back in March, then it sort of disappeared. I hope this wasn't just a rumor. Would love to do a vintage rail
  2. a 69 Chevelle up top would be nice too.... a current project would look nice with the option of an up top...
  3. you are exactly right Bill, it is far from an up top and looks little or nothing like an up "soft" convertible top. strictly a stop gap trial piece that I'll play with until a better option comes along.
  4. now were talking. I'm following this thread closely, once one goes into production, I'll definitely grab one. thanks guys. funny, I got an up top on eb from the 68 Camaro. figured it would be a starting point, aka better than nothing, but looking at it its just not right.
  5. Does anyone cast a resin up top for the Revell 69 Camaro convertible?
  6. roncoon.com Great parts and awesome service. High quality and super great quick service from Ron. Give them a try.
  7. here's one I've got on the workbench along with about 2 dozen other in process projects. I'm not quite sure where I got the headlight conversion pieces. I know I got them on ebay.
  8. Here's one I'm working on, not from 1933 era, but perhaps can be modified. It is a Motor City Resin piece. Nicely cast and easily to work with
  9. I stopped by radio shack today and picked up a pack of 16 for $2.11, so I've got plenty now and a good source as long as Radio Shack doesn't go underThanks for all the good tips.
  10. Looking for a source for in-line fuel filters. Any suggestions?
  11. another photo, I forgot I swapped in a bench seat from the 70 Impala. not 100% correct, but I'm not counting pleats. I gave the engine a been workin look.
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