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  1. Very well done ! Your hands and eyes are a lot better than mine , that dash trim looks perfect !
  2. Well done ! Looks like a great kit .
  3. The paint and trim work looks flawless , very well done !
  4. Thank you very much everybody for the comments , these type of builds don't always get much respect so I do appreciate it !
  5. TooOld

    My drawings

    Those are all very god Mattias ! Very similar to what's called Contour Drawing that I learned back in art school .
  6. Fantastic work on all of the engine and tranny brackets , your dexterity and eyesight is definitely much better than mine ! I've made brackets in the past but never with the detail you're accomplishing . I even did a kick-down for an auto once , not the best pic but here it is .
  7. Thanks Don ! It was a lot of work but I had fun ! Thanks very much Rex !
  8. While Dave Deal was off-roading down in Baja his cousin George was tearing up the Trans-Am circuit in this Mustang specially prepared by Dave Deal Engineering . I built this "Never Was" model using a DW Zzzzz28 kit and a heavily modified '70 Mustang body . The spoilers and exhaust were scratch built and the wheels are from a diecast . The Boss is painted with Tamiya TS-56 Brilliant Orange which is an exact match to Grabber Orange (I did spoon tests) and finished with my own printed decals . I hope you like it !
  9. Very cool and a great save !
  10. Beautifully done Tom , I happen to like those wheels and tires !
  11. Thanks everyone for your comments , I appreciate the encouragement !
  12. Thanks Steve ! Your '62 Chrysler was my inspiration for trying to make the boot trim and snaps . The headlights , yep they'll get drilled out and replaced . As for the engine . . . I usually spend most of my time on the engine and very little on the interior , this time I'm concentrating on the interior so I'll wait and see how that goes . I would like to do the engine .
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