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  1. Great looking stuff , a that printer looks very affordable !
  2. Thanks very much guys ! I'm hoping when everything is painted the clear parts will really stand out !
  3. I had a bottle of Testors Clear Enamel but I tossed it a while ago because it was old and yellowed (sigh) . Pretty sure I can mix something using the Tamiya clear colors I have .
  4. Great scratch building , it looks pretty accurate to me ! Now days they're mostly factory built but years ago they were done by individuals and each one was very unique . If you ever have the chance to go for a ride in one don't pass it up , it's a thrill of a lifetime !
  5. I'm following too , this kit is on my "to do" list !
  6. I was going to make my own when I just happened to find these , they even have the correct pattern ! I couldn't remember what you used and was going to ask , thanks !
  7. Thanks Dave , glad you like it ! Worked on a couple more small items for the interior . . . a pedal assembly that will be mounted to the front wall of the interior and the steering wheel . Brake and accelerator pedal are from a '58 Plymouth and the clear steering wheel is from a '62 Catalina . Oops I forgot the turn signal lever . . .
  8. These were pretty cool looking cars for their time , I'm following too ! That maroon is a great color for this one !
  9. What a great looking conversion , your work is looking awesome ! Shiny please .
  10. Thanks Steve ! When I saw your gear indicator I pretty much decided that I could make my speedometer since it's at least ten times the size !
  11. You nailed the look with this one Bernard , excellent !
  12. The mock-up looks great Mike , I really like that color ! And I think your rear seat will look fine when painted , that's exactly how I split the front seat on my Dodge .
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