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  1. Steve Milberry mentioned the 'Internet Archive' in his post. It would be interesting to see if the Scale Auto forum activity was archived there when that site closed, or if all the years of contributions were simply wiped out.
  2. Thanks for your reply about the accessories Tomasz. I agree the old Bentley kit that was first issued way back in the 1970's from Airfix is worth doing the extra work on. I have upgraded one myself in the pasf. I am surprised that no one to date has made an upgrade set in photo etched for that kit!
  3. Nice model from an interesting era. Makes a nice change from all the modern racing cars!
  4. Bill, 3D printed items are made from a different plastic to what most of us are used to, so it will be interesting to see what works for you eventually. There are a number of different metal like finishing products like Alclad, AK and S&J aluminium polishing powders, but a lot of experimentation could get a bit expensive! Dare I say it, but it may well be worth having a look at other websites for the aircraft modelling fraternity who have been simulating polished aluminium panels on their models. I recently finished a scratch built Napier Railton with a polished aluminium body.
  5. Superb model build Tomasz. Those older Grand Prix cars from the 50's make good subject material. I wish that Tamiya or Italeri would make some of these in 1/12 th scale. Italeri have made a couple of vintage racers, a Fiat and an Alfa, so hopefully they will carry on with these. Maybe a Bugatti Type 59 or 35b, Auto Union of Mercedes from the inter war period would be nice, or even a much better detailed 1/12th scale Blower Bentley than the old Airfix kit. The MFH kits are truly brilliant, but the cost is too prohibitive for many who would love to see more affordable kits of these car
  6. It looks like one of the Italeri Royales was used as a donor kit for the chassis and running gear. I was not aware that anyone had made a resin body of the Kellner coupe, and this is a very nice model considering that the builder stated that a lot of work was needed on the resin.
  7. Iconic build of an iconic car. Previous posters have said it all about this model, so there is nothing I can really add to the praises made already! Considering the DS series was introduced way back in the sixties, the car was so futuristic for its time both in body styling and technical innovations such as adjustable hydraulic suspension ride height at the touch of a button and a steering wheel with just one single spoke. Ebbro have certainly made a very fine kit of this car in 1/24th scale. I can only think of Heller having made kits of a DS but I think theirs are 1/16th scale (a s
  8. This is a really nicely built model. Lovely paint job that does justice to this iconic classic everyday 1960,s vehicle. The chrome looks most effective done with the polishing powder. I have the C1 polishing powder that I would imagine is pretty much identical to that used in this VW model and have to say that it is a very good product too. The 'blackened' look according to a previous poster looks more due to how the reflections look in the photographs. I have found the C1 product gives a better scale chrome effect than other spray on types that I have tried.
  9. At least most automotive models can be packed securely in rectangular boxes. The guys I pity most having to move home are the aircraft modelling fraternity. Awkward shapes and fragile undercarriage legs. Mind you, if you know any aircraft modellers and they do shows, they will be expert at how to pack models to minimise any risk of damage in transit! Like some previous posters suggested , I would never trust having built up models shipped by any carrier. Even if secured to the N'th degree just the shock from boxes being handled roughly will result in breakages.
  10. As an alternative to BMF, I have sometimes used smooth aluminium plumbing tape. A bit thicker than BBC but quite forgiving and a lot less expensive. I tend to use either or, depending on the application.
  11. I had a look at the new Mustang Mach E at a Ford dealership over here in the UK. Apparently it will.do 0 to 60 mph in about 3.5 seconds. Pretty rapid! But the electric car did not look much like a Mustang should to me. Not the same as the 5 litre that was parked next to my boring MPV out in the parking lot! It will be taking a bit of getting used to miles per charge instead of miles per gallon. However, we have to accept that electric cars will predominate and take over in the future, and the change is happening already. Looks like the OPEC countries who produce nothing much other
  12. A big job well done. Besides the updating of the website and system a lot has been happening since Covid struck. Many have been stuck at home and decided to ether return or take up the hobby. That can only be good for the hobby that was in decline before covid. This forum will be seeing much more traffic as a result. Besides the newbies and returners we have migrants from the now defunct Scale Auto site. Yes we will see many questions come up from newcomers and returners getting up to date with all the new stuff available since they dropped away from the hobby. Some 'Old Timers' may
  13. Rex, I completely lost track about how long the CMA proposed kit has been up on their site. So, in answer to your question , I do not know anything more than you do. Some of the other posts following on to yours about CMA and Marshall Buck made interesting reading though. I can remember having the old IMC kit way back when. Getting the kit back into the box was like trying to solve the Rubik' s cube puzzle!
  14. Moving away from 1/24 th scale to 1/12 th, have a look at the multi medium kit that CMA (Creative Model Associates) are about to release. It may be the ultimate GT40 kit..............at a price!
  15. A neighbour of mine used to own the standard road going far with this body style. I think it was a two litre engined car that was a 'sporty' version that did not have flared out wheel arches like the rally cars. In the UK there seemed to be quite a number of them in a dark orange colour like my neighbour's car. So maybe it was a limited edition or something by Fiat. I don't think they were Abarth tuned like the rally cars.
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