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  1. Cool project Tom. too bad about the paint issue.
  2. I built the Nissan pick up awhile back to do a replica of my BIL's truck and the kit was very good IMO.
  3. Looks good ! I like those AWB kits, Simple kits but look very nice when done.
  4. The wife wanted to get out of the house today and mentioned going to see a movie. I said pick one and lets go. Well she picked a movie called "OLD". Not the worst movie I ever saw and we both thought it was ok. Not to give much away but i would call it a Sci Fi/Horror movie. You may like it if these type of movies are what you like. It's about folks on vacation to a resort. Some people are offered a ride to a secluded beach that only some people are invited to. After they get there they notice people a beginning to age. It is first noticed in the kids. After a while they figure that they are
  5. No , the body is just sitting on the chassis and not at its final resting place . It will be lower when the body is actually mounted .
  6. None of us know what goes on back in the kitchen.
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