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  1. Thank you Bill and Bob. I like the colors more now than I did. Still waiting for my 6 cyl, distributor to continue.
  2. Snake, I know you can not receive mail or photos through this site but if you would care to share your email address I would send you some pics of an interest we both share. Nothing shady, just firearms.
  3. Thank you Francis. I wanted to do something like your build but I do not have the three T's. Tools, Time and Talent ! 😀
  4. I never knew this kit was ever available . Just came across it on the bay . I put in a bid but doubt it will hold up .
  5. I agree with the other members, great looking model !
  6. Thanks Don. Still waiting for the pre wired dist. I ordered.
  7. Pedals look great. The spacing of the holes is perfect.
  8. Mine was the Flintstones because it was very much like my favorite show The Honeymooners.
  9. Not to mention the higher prices that seem to be getting out of hand that people are asking for shipping. 16 bucks to ship a 20 dollar model a couple states away ? I don't think so.
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