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  1. Sweet'36! Very nice custom work!
  2. I got my Scale Finishes order yesterday. I made and paid for the order the first week of August. I never doubted that I would receive it but I understand we all get a little twitchy when an order takes longer than usual. A lot of us have been ripped off by unscrupulous or overwhelmed vendors so I understand the concern.
  3. A bit off topic but Snake, if you use that Stude V-8 the multi carb manifolds from the Revell Parts Pack Caddy fit very nice and is also an option in the 1:1 world. Just trying to give you another option.
  4. I don't think there's a wrong answer here. It's a hobby so whatever makes you happy is just right. I have 3 that I've been going back and forth on right now. The time I spend in the hobby room is pure enjoyment so it all counts. If you crank them out 1 at a time, good for you. If you spend your entire modeling career just building engines and never finish a build, good for you too! Just enjoy it.
  5. Dale and Rich, I have a few of the Aztek colors but haven't sprayed any yet. Do you have any tips on using them?
  6. I used this article to do an AWB Coronet when the magazine was new. I had the advantage of having a spare body (first one was warped, AMT sent me a new one) so I didn't need the filler strips. Instead I measured and cut both bodies using the wheel openings from the scrap body (cut farther back) on the good body (cut farther forward). It turned out great, needed no filler, just a skim coat. Sure wish I still had it!
  7. The later issues (2in1) Revell '68 Corvette Roadster has a blower option for the 427.
  8. I hope this means the Depot Hack won't be far behind. Both nice old T kits.
  9. The Z-11 was just a larger version of the 409 (not all aluminum) with better flowing heads. The all aluminum 427 was a one year option in 1969. It was an aluminum version of the L-88 engine and was called the ZL-1.
  10. Just to add to the confusion the 427 was really only a 425. With the Z-11 being a 427 the FE was advertised as such to avoid piston envy.
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