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  1. Been there done that too with a very petty ex wife , and added another ex to the list just over a week ago (who cleared out and left a 3 page cowards letter without ever saying anything was wrong while I was at work) , it all goes into the doodoo happens file and we move on . Hope everything improves for you , just keep plodding along and it's all good
  2. I knew you were in the US when I made the offer so send the address
  3. This is the bumper with lights I have (plus the lenses of course) and the smooth rear bumper and the spotlight that is mounted on the boot in the rally mini , if you'd like them just PM me your address and I'll send them off .
  4. What is the base model (I'm viewing the forum on my phone and can't tell for certain) , I have left over bits from the Tamiya rally cooper s including rally lights etc if you can use them (freebies , pay it forward) ?
  5. These look amazing , I'm only just discovering the scalekraft mini's since I've been on this board and would love to get a hold of some if anyone knows of any available .
  6. That's right Bruce , the rear window was a split window , I was able to sneak some photo's from my mates '48 while I dropped in for a chat yesterday and also had a chat about his plans for it without tipping him off what I was doing . The rear showing the back window , rear end treatment and also the Holden VT commodore (you guy's got them as Pontiac G8's I think) number plate recess and extra panel mould line running back and down from the window line that the '39 Chev doesn't have so will have to figure that out as well , Rear of roof line and boot/trunk profile , again
  7. Thank's Nate , I've added those kits to the list and will see what I can find first . Slowly getting there with the body , got the rear guard and curved sill panel from the '48 sedan delivery bonded to the '39 body on one side now and it's all lining up nicely , still a lot of filling and shaping to blend everything in perfectly but so far so good. I've been gathering more info on my mates car so starting to work on the chassis now , need to find a Ford 9" diff and then make a 4 link setup for it and disc brakes all round . Still waiting on a local resin supplier to see if he can
  8. Thanks Mike and Ken , well spotted Mike , the pickup wheels look just about spot on , looking for the kit now
  9. Thank's guy's , there's a little progress so far , I've got the sedan delivery's firewall attached to the '39 body but no photo's till I've finished shaping and blending them together at the scuttle panel . My question is , does anyone know if these wheels are available in 1:24/25 scale ? To make it harder the fronts are 18" and the rears 20" ... I have these wheels from the Prowler and trailer kit which has 18" and 20" wheels , they're not quite right but will do if I can't find anything closer .
  10. I've got to say first up that this isn't going to be a quick build ... This is to be a build of a mate's 1:1 rod he's building , a quick bit of background first though . The Australian version of the '48 fleetmaster shared the bonnet/front guards etc of the US version but the rest of the body was different and closer aligned to the '39 chev you would be familiar with . Because of this I am starting with a donated fiberglass '39 body (Thank's to Rod aka Fat141 after we were discussing the best way to make the body) and the Galaxie '48 sedan delivery kit . This is an image from google o
  11. Thank's guy's , it was a fun build to do despite the drama's with it . Gene , the maiden run along with each subsequent run has given my uncle huge smiles , but he doesn't mention running out of gas .... He's now trying to convince my aunt that he needs a second mustang .
  12. This is my uncles 1964 mustang that I decided to make for him in scale . This shot show's it's maiden outing where he learnt the fuel guage didn't work (more on that later) I built this using the old AMT 1966 mustang kit and it fought me all the way with fit issues (and then the paint had to be stripped twice due to my stuff ups and then the bonnet stripped a third time after my cousin sent me some photo's showing the bonnet not having the raised FORD badges the kit has) but this is the result . The Right Hand Drive dash was from KP Conversions in Tasmania , a HUGE thankyou to Fred (Z
  13. Yeah , thinking of going more Rat Rod look for it now , was originally going to go shiny but I think the Rat look would suit it better .
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