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  1. Looks like it is the 1971-1974 variant http://www.duttonownersclub.co.uk/id.html
  2. I meant what is the green car behind it.
  3. No amount of searching on 356 variants/ assorted keywords etc. found this monster. Must have wasted 5 hours on it. Most frustrating. If only I had added "Argentine" to my search.... it would have been in the top row of returns!
  4. The front is obvious, the rear looks familiar, the wipers are weird, and I have never seen these things combined in the same car before.
  5. I thought the exact same thing- "this is easy, it's a xxxxx". It wasn't.
  6. I guess that is one way of looking at it!
  7. Oh, this will be easy - all I have to do is match the radiator. Oh, they all use that radiator.
  8. Not really. I had never heard of or seen the car before. I merely looked at the details on the picture and searched based on that.
  9. And I was so panicked to get my answer in because it was so easy to work out!
  10. Very specifically, the Mitsubishi Scorpion, which was the first thing I looked up.
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