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  1. That’s looking ace! You’ve even got the tanks looking good. Ben
  2. I’m glad that deadline has extended! I’ve only just got some time to get back to the bench next week. Ben
  3. I preordered from hobby search Japan. I’m in Australia. Postage was steep, but I got it very quickly. They don’t seem to have a slower, cheaper option for postage. Ben
  4. Mine just arrived today. Very nice kit from what I can tell. I’m curious about how I am going to put the black trim around the chrome parts. Ben
  5. Mine is in the mail. Ben
  6. Very nice! I’m still working on my 1/16 Porsche 356. The sink holes on it are atrocious. I’ll have to get one if these VW T2s though. Cheers Ben
  7. Very nice! I’ve got one in the stash and would love to shorten the sleeper. Ben
  8. I wonder what else is in the works? The ramp, dual wheels and snow play look ace. Would love another big rig too. Ben
  9. I hope the parts fit is better than the Huayra. Ben
  10. The ERTL tool no longer exists. AMT had to scan an original if modellers ever wanted to build the CO4070A. Tim Ahlborn has covered the improvements AMT has made as well. I’m just happy it’s coming. Ben
  11. This is a completely new tool though. It was according to people in the know (Tim Ahlborn) who’ve done test builds for AMT/Round 2 of this kit explain that the whole thing was scanned from an original and modified. I’m just glad it’s coming and hopefully more new tools will follow. I’ve preordered 2. Ben
  12. I can’t wait to play with mine a bit more! Awesome work! Ben
  13. I’m sure looking at the sprues there will be other versions coming out. I hope they do that. I’m getting one, but I don’t like the wheels that comes with it. Ben
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