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  1. The ERTL tool no longer exists. AMT had to scan an original if modellers ever wanted to build the CO4070A. Tim Ahlborn has covered the improvements AMT has made as well. I’m just happy it’s coming. Ben
  2. This is a completely new tool though. It was according to people in the know (Tim Ahlborn) who’ve done test builds for AMT/Round 2 of this kit explain that the whole thing was scanned from an original and modified. I’m just glad it’s coming and hopefully more new tools will follow. I’ve preordered 2. Ben
  3. I can’t wait to play with mine a bit more! Awesome work! Ben
  4. I’m sure looking at the sprues there will be other versions coming out. I hope they do that. I’m getting one, but I don’t like the wheels that comes with it. Ben
  5. I’m sure someone will do that. I’m in Australia and the aftermarket definitely caters with right hand drive dashes. Ben
  6. Cheers for the tip! Ben
  7. I hope they do a street custom version. I’m keen to get the one that’s coming and see the construction process anyway. Ben
  8. The pictures didn’t come up.
  9. I’ve painted my seat’s cushions with Italian red dulled down with flat clear. Love your colour choice too! Ben
  10. I’ve never built one, but it does look nice. Hopefully Revell will do a new kit soon. Ben
  11. I’ve got one on the go too. Looking forward to seeing your build. Ben
  12. Very nice. I’ve got plenty of projects on the go, but I’d love one of these. Ben
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