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  1. Thanks a whole bunch, Fellas! I was just looking at your excellent build, and an idea came to me.... You could just cut the windshield frame at the corners where the lower part with the wipers meets the rounded upper part. Then you maybe could move the rounded upper part back and down, rejoining it with the lower part? Just a thought....
  2. Cool! I'm glad you guys all like it.....
  3. Here it is Guys, my mild custom '57 Thunderbird from the AMT kit. We really need a modern tool of this subject. The frame for the front glass wasn't anywhere near fitting to the glass, so I just left the windshield "speedster" style. Thanks to those that followed the short WIP I did on this, and feel free to comment!
  4. Isn't that the American Dream, after all?
  5. Thanks a bunch for the replies, fellas..... Curtis, those are looking really good! Seems like a lot of stuff is molded in under the hood, which IS like the old Monogram kits. I may still check into the Stealth even though it is missing the turbo....... Thanks again....
  6. I've been looking around for a large scale kit to build. I tried a couple 1/16 kits, but quickly learned that they needed a lot of added detail to make them more realistic. I've seen 1/20 kits by Lindberg that are very interesting subject matter. The Syclone and Dodge Stealth caught my attention. Are these decent kits? They would have to be more modern tooling that the large kits that I've tried because of when the vehicles were being made. Anyone build any of the 1/20 Lindberg kits and care to share pics? Thanks for any and all help.....
  7. This looks really good! I'm diggin' the speed boat stance......
  8. That's where all your missing socks from the dryer end up......
  9. Does anyone know if the Street Fury kit can be combined with the "Christine" kit to make a full-detail kustom?
  10. Bruce, when I saw that you had made a post, I was hoping you had gotten another dog........ or it seems she has gotten you.....
  11. Cool, Thanks for the additional input guys! I've decided to use the flathead in a further-along project (which should be done pretty soon....) but I have other engines I could add to this project......
  12. What are you guys' opinions on all the progress being made toward commercial space flight? Would you take a jet that would carry you into Space? With all that's going on in this field, it won't be long before passengers will be able to do just that.....
  13. Only one downside..... There's nobody to blame if your steak doesn't turn out right!
  14. That really depends on what kind of primer you used. The acrylic craft paints can stand pretty much any clear, but they allow the clear to soak through them and to the primer. As long as your clear won't damage the primer, you're good to go.......
  15. I live about a mile from a small airport that houses small Cessna-type planes..... The Marines use it for touch and go operations with the Osprey aircraft. I get to see them at least twice a month, and I see at least one personal craft a day when the weather is nice.... I won't dare call the Osprey a "plane", it's a VTOL Aircraft.....
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