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  1. This is just another MS Paint doodle I've been working on......
  2. I think kids that were as exposed to stuff such as cigs and alcohol as that were probably less likely to do such things. To kids that thought smokes and drink were off limits and forbidden, those were now something that piqued their interest. Does that make sense? Like the less of a big deal they are, the less they want to try them........
  3. I remember Exitebike! Gripping side-scrolling action........ Remember Paper Boy? You had to dodge all kinds of obstacles while delivering newspapers. I like it to be pretty quiet while I build, it's while I wait for drying times that I listen to my music.
  4. I believe there is a Pink Floyd album that there is a 'click' right in the middle of a song....... Dark Side of the Moon, maybe?
  5. We have a new "thingy" since the board software was updated.... In an old thread that hasn't been posted in for, let's say 6 months, when a new post is added to bump the topic, there is a little banner above the latest post that will say "6 months later". That should help to figure out how old some info is, and help differentiate between new and old info....
  6. There's nothing wrong with 8 tracks...... That's what I started with as a kid. Those and Dad's so-so vinyl collection. That's how I learned about groups like Blondie, Alan Parsons Project, ELO, and other AOR and lite listening stuff. Dad wasn't much on anything "rocking"...... Funny story..... I was in my room as a kid listening to a Nine Inch Nails CD, when Dad walked by my room. He looks in and says "I think your CD is messing up. Can't you hear it?" I said "No, that's the music!"
  7. Have you tried Icemancollections? I guess that's right...... He is a member here and on social media. He 3D prints files from other people i believe. He offers a bunch of modern engines, he may have an LS7.........
  8. My first car was a 4 door '74 Dart with a /6 auto that I bought for $100. I dubbed it "the Dirt Dobber" because we lived in a very rural part of the county that still had dirt roads. Learning to drive for me was on those dirt roads........ I fancied myself like the Duke boys being able to drift and such.... Learning to drive a manual came from working at a hog farm (pretty much all there is to do for anyone living rural). The owner of the farm had an S-10 with a 4.3 and 5 speed. He would send me on a lot of errands in that. Once I learned to drive manual, I enjoyed it better than the auto
  9. That is a Venus Fly Trap, it's a carnivorous plant...... They're pretty cool.
  10. This one really sounds interesting! Right up my alley......... Would you happen to have any pics?
  11. The Dodge Sweptline trucks get my vote for best looking truck body style..... I had one years ago, a short box, wish I had kept it......
  12. I learned a new word yesterday, it was "Meraki". You should look up the meaning! It's pretty much what we do with our models........ (leaving a bit of yourself in something creative that you've done.....)
  13. Yes.... The Manta Montage that was used in the show was a kit that is based on the M6GT. I believe you can still buy one! You must be about 5 or so years older than me. Here's another pic of a McLaren....
  14. McLaren M6GT It was the basis for the best television hero car ever, the Coyote X on Hardcastle and McCormick.....
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