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  1. yea, i looked there was nothing much on there for what i was looking for. years ago i people had the gold but not anymore. Gold meaning hard to find items Thanks for the tip
  2. I know i saw how much it was and almost hit the floor. i just wanted it for my collection only it brings me back to when i got it for xmas one year when i was a kid. Thanks for all of your help everyone i really appreciate it
  3. Thank you very much i did look on ebay a while ago i also didn't know the battery cables were photo etched thanks again ill have to gander on that kit.
  4. Hello Everyone, I am looking for a few hard to find items which i have spent days months and a lot of sleepless nights looking for Things i am looking for: 1 Brake rotors and calapers resin or metal (Ihave seen the Scale Motorsport kit which is highly expensive, Is there another kit out there? 2 Revell 1/25 scale Chevy s10 lowrider 3 n 1 kit purple truck on box mid 90's style box 3 Battery cable connectors for 1/24 scale (Metal) I am hoping someone can help me find these items mostly i am looking for the metal stuff the kit can wait Thanks again Jay
  5. LOL, I am not a Mopar guy but after watching graveyard not the new cars but the old muscle cars ipar fan not the new cars but the old muscle cars i always loved the charger but may fav is th super bee love that car. keep up the great work on that build can't want to see more of your builds
  6. Update 2 this kit is harder to build than others reason why you ask, its molded in pink your primer has to become black to hide all of the pink kinda a pain in the butt. moter is almost done interieer is being worked on and rear end is coming together i will have some new pics soon.
  7. Looks awesome i have this kit contemplating on building it someday keep up the great work i don't know if you get velocity channel but graveyard carz had a episode of that car from the movie on the show last week.
  9. I love that movie i think its the truck is so weathered and just so mean looking. Harry is it still on youtube to watch?
  10. Welcome to the jungle thers a lot of great builders on here
  11. Some of you may know me some may not i started on Model Car Forum From back in the day i thing from 2011 or so. I am re introducing myself some may know me some may not. I am a modeler from New Hampshire i ve been building since i was 5 years old. Since 2003 ive been building night and day. Its brings me back to a better time in my life when life was in front of me meaning when dad was alive he is the one that got me into building. anyway I stopped building street cars for a bit and building mostly Pro street's and NASCAR kits just like back in the day Mostly 1/24th and 1/25 scales most kits t
  12. This is what the chassis color will look like No its not alcade its rattle can Here are a couple of pics of the rear tires the first pic is showning the tread wear and the other is the letter detail Now the lettering final coat isn't done yet but stay tuned. Engine will be the last picture due to the highly detaled plumbing that i am doing to it Thanks for all of the support
  13. Before i do a kit i do a lot of reseach about the car etc Matt hayes is a intresting guy and very smart man thanks for the support jeff
  14. Its a great kit for the chassis and the pro street parts if you plan on building muliple pro strrets this is the kit for you i have about 15 of these kits just for the chassis. Thanks for the support from everyone there will be other pics coming up in the next couple of days or so working on the engine now and plumbing
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