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  1. I sold mine. Have regrets still, but I would never do it justice. Half and half is the way to go. Maybe do a cutaway engine?
  2. Wow , 10 pounds of McLaren in a 9 pound box. Nice packing Mark!
  3. Rmodeler

    Dome Zero RL

    Nice job on a hard-to-finish kit. The details really make it pop!
  4. A little progress... I've shaped a single fuselage out of modeling clay and shot it next to a mirror to simulate its counterpart. Issues: 1) What to do next. Possibility #1 is to make a mould out of plaster of each fuselage half, then cast a copy to use as a shape for vacuum forming. Possibility #2 is to take that same plaster mould and lay fiberglass cloth and resin on the inside of it. At any rate, I figure great female moulds will be key to making this thing symmetrical. 2) I think I'll graft the headlight (including long horizontal strake) and tail light areas from the 2 kits I bo
  5. I'm new to this post. wOw... that was brilliant Ira, to graft on those those side pieces! The result just looks "right." (saved a lot of work too, way to go.)
  6. Hey, That's a nice job!
  7. That is some tasty looking paint job!!
  8. I agree with Dirk. Green is so unexpected, but so appropriate. And the smart white interior plus the BBS's make it the most refreshing take on a Countach that I've seen in a long long time. Nice design sense! You should be proud.
  9. WOW Austin, that's terrific !!!!! Many more awards in your future I think...
  10. Roncla, add my comments to all of those above. Great piece! I love the subtlety of the colors chosen, the glosses, sheens, and flats. Oh, and the headers, they are brilliant A+++
  11. Nice nostalgic color combination! Yes, I agree with Gus, some stuff in the back would look great; maybe a vintage toolbox?
  12. Geoff, I love seeing that square on the wheel! You have a nice, tight building style. And ditto again, about your great sense of color :)
  13. Romell's right! By the way, Radio Shack has a very skinny-diameter solder called "Silver Bearing Solder" that works well for me. http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2062725 Also, I use one of those small hand-held butane torches instead of an iron. Best of luck!
  14. Pretty interesting kit I've only read the controversy about... Looks like you are taming it ))) Sounds like the end will be like stuffing a packed suitcase (wink)
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