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  1. Oh well I've used it now for 2 years, and to me it's perfect, BMF is too expensive for a pensioner like me to buy in such small sheets.
  2. Well products are called different things in different countries, I'm in the UK your in the States. Here are a few photo's of the product made by Bostick, presumably called Idenden. It's adhesive very much so and polishes up to a very bright finish when laid up.
  3. To me any polish used goes on after all the paint and clear coats not before or during the spray up. The waxes if any in the different types of polish react to any type of paint whether it be acrylic or enamel.
  4. I had all the prob0lems that all of the above have had over the years. A plumber friend left some what he calls 'Plumbers Tape' one day as a reel had nearly run out. A little bit thicker than BMF and nice and sticky I used it on various kits. All needed was a good sharp craft blade. Superb! All I now ask for at my local builders merchants is 'Plumbers Tape'. Oh and it's far cheapy on a big roll instead of a small sheet or two!
  5. Seaplanes my all together favourite! We were in Alaska and took a trip up into mountains and landed on a lake a few thousand feet up, and walked along the floats to get photo's!
  6. An all round superb build, very well done!
  7. Thanks Carl. I tried something different! Than a car!
  8. Same here Daniel. I rode a 125 Lambretta as a teenager and a BSA two stroke 175. A mate of mine's Dad won what was then the 'Football Pools' and bought him a 250 BSA to pass his test and then when he passed his test a Norton Dominator 850cc. What bike that was!
  9. Looking very good to start with! This was my second large F1 kit build after the Lotus when these kits were first released.
  10. I also add my thanks on this subject. The times I've painted the window surround first not realising that the windows are fitted from the outside! Then trying to use a sharpie that's far too wide and getting all over the aperture/door/roof! Masking though again has been a nightmare but I must persevere! Panel lines and using wash is another to mug up on!
  11. PS It was Richard Lloyd that produced the first carbon composite chassis/tub for this car, which made this car faster than the Porsche factory cars.
  12. Yes they still have those horrible rubber/plastic two piece tyres, that don't seem to stick together properly!
  13. Thanks guys. Yes the Tarp, did they think it would save the weight of a shortened steel bonnet? Did they do fibreglass versions back then?
  14. Thanks guys. A very nice kit to start with, I just built it!
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