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  1. PatW

    Rolife Greenhouse

    Cheers Tony K. This is the kit.. Yes lots of parts and mostly very fiddly parts, but worth it in the end!
  2. Yes great project, as you can see I've just finished Cathy's Flower House or to me a Garden Greenhouse also by Rolife. Super kits so enjoy.
  3. I added painted wood framing.
  4. So, back from 2 weeks cruising throughout Scandinavia, I have painted the woodwork as we would have to if outside in all weathers in an acrylic light grey..
  5. Cheers Carl, I'm nearly, nearly there. Thank god for coffee sticks/stirrers!
  6. Nearly, nearly there, thank god for coffee sticks/stirrers...
  7. Wow Bob! I bet though they are expensive? It's OK I've just looked! I do like the shorty De Lorean though!
  8. Nearly there, a few blunders on the way but sorted, away now for at least two weeks!
  9. Superb! We had similar to these in the 1960's, some of had the Vespa, some like me had the Lambretta! Some were standard, others had sports exhaust and chrome plated side panel and stacks of lights on the front! Great times were had as Mods, smart clothes, short haircuts.
  10. Although I have quite a few more flowers in pots to do, I started putting together the greenhouse floor layout..
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