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  1. This started life as an army stretcher carrier in 1/35th scale. I wanted a beach bound surfboard carrier. Camo dotted decals and homemade Boogie and Surf Boards.
  2. Thanks guys I enjoy building something different, great kit by the way!
  3. Superb work! It must be great to have the tools and knowledge to build like this. I've at last found a 'Milk Trike' kit here in the UK, but I'm still uncertain which set of decals to use as there are so many options, Milk, Pop, Ice Cream etc! OR even Monster Energy!! Keep up the great inspirational work!
  4. Well Pat it looks to be two bodyshells at least, brilliant! I built a resin one a couple of years ago, as I couldn't find a plastic one!
  5. from ebay UK, a cheapy with a couple of bits missing.. and a few days ago whilst shopping at the local supermarket.. Lethal Diesel.
  6. I bought the Gecko ATMP kit (Army Stretcher Carrier)in 1/35th, but I thought it would transfer to a beach patrol/surfboard carrier! Just putting the chassis together: It has scooter type steering. Yet to fit seats/ rollcage etc. and make surfboards in scale.
  7. Just superb! I wish we could get more of this type of kit in the UK.
  8. When I was 17 in 1965 my family didn't have a car and my wages in my first job was just £5 per week, from that came a portion for board and lodging at mum & dad's house plus £1 for my first of 20 driving lessons. You weren't allowed to request a driving test unless a driving school had put you through 20 lessons! Our local driving school had 2 cars one Austin A40 Farina and an 850cc Mini. So I signed up for the Mini.
  9. PatW

    AMT Tee Vee Buggy

    Thanks slusher/Carl. Yes the old coffee sticks come in handy.
  10. My pleasure Kinnon. Yes the idea of an old Mobilette is just right for Brittany and or Normandy. We go to Le Mans (24 Hour race) now and again and still see the old Mobilette's on the streets especially in the small towns and villages we go through!
  11. PatW

    AMT Tee Vee Buggy

    Thanks Bob. Yes a nice kit everything fits OK although the chrome plating is thick to file off to stick things together.
  12. Built initially box stock but, I've added a strip of box section evergreen rod between the chassis and body to give more ground clearance, a coffee stick rear floor and box to carry stuff and a few AMT & star decals. Oh and an old surfboard!
  13. AMT Tee Vee Buggy. a few things left to do, windscreen, number plate, rear lights etc. I took out the woody decal and replaced it with wood strips.
  14. It was for Beer now it's for Monster Energy drink. As if rescued from a local scrap yard, the rear bed has new wood, but the cab, chassis and some of the chains are still a bit rusty.
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