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  1. 13 hours ago, CabDriver said:


    Same link as I posted last time you said the magazine wasn’t available overseas…it absolutely is, and a digital subscription is even cheaper (and better than trying to read a magazine thru a YouTube video)

    Thanks Jim. I made a mistake of writing it down. In fact I've found Magster so have downloaded a digital version.

  2. On 10/19/2023 at 4:44 AM, Joe Lange said:

    Greetings All,

    It has been a long summer.  Visiting aging parents in Florida and aging in-laws in Arizona have taken its toll.  (All are in Memory Care.)  As most of you know, it is a sad reminder that time is nobody's friend.  My one bright spot this summer is that I have finally completed my 'biggest model car project' ever.  (My wife's words, not mine.) 

    I've had this '73 beetle since 1985 and used it as a daily driver for many years.  15 years in Florida and about 6 here in Alabama.  Took it partially apart to do some 'minor work' and wound up taking it totally apart because I wanted to build it back 'My Way'.  Work, family life, and everything else got in the way, so........there it sat, in a 'million pieces'.  After 15 years of on and off work it's finally done! 

    Oh-yea...........it WILL be my daily ride again.  However, since I'm retired now, I don't have that much 'daily driving' anymore!     





    That is just beautiful! Here in the UK we had five in the family, my wife and I had three over a number of years and our youngest son had two, a Cal Look black saloon, lowered with Centreline rims and a Californian import Beetle Karman Cabrio, that he ran out of cash and sold it part finished!

  3. Yes Anthony lots of bits, but following the instruction booklet allows it to be built well and with great satisfaction. Now inside the Rolife Cube purchased separately.


    Pride of place in our front room!

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