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  1. Having had my new LEGO Ducati delivered last week, I thought I'd start building it. Here we have the frame, engine, gear box, rear swinging arm, with mono-shock suspension and rear hub awaiting the rear brake disc. It's good to realise when turning the parts connected the two white rubber bands the V-four cylinder engine and pistons pop up and down in the cylinders. About 100+ parts already used. 


  2. 18 hours ago, Claude Thibodeau said:

    Hi Patrick!

    Nice VW's, all of them! I am impressed by the orange Manx, with Rockstar stickers on the side and a board on top... The "altitude adjustment" looks very nice to my eye.

    Gotta be carefull with the tires rubbing against the body, however... 


    Hi Claude thanks for your comments, my son's real Beetle is the black one we re-built from the ground up. The Orange Manx has the tops of the wings cut out to let the air out at top speed, having been to Le Mans seeing the top class sports car teams using that method to stop the air pressure under the wings at speed to stop them taking off, not that the Manx would! Another view below. The decals are home printed as is the surfboard home made from a plaster cast.


    Oh and just finishing this off..



  3. Having received a LEGO Land Rover Defender kit from our eldest son who is in Canada for my birthday I had to tell him I had last year already bought and built one! He contacted Amazon who sent him, which was forwarded to me a returns pack. I sent it to the address as requested to Bratislava. 6 weeks on it came back unopened although I had tracked it to their warehouse there. I then put it on e bay UK and it sold. With that cash I bought another LEGO kit..


    I will start to build it as soon as I have finished my present project. 

    And from the rest of the cash from the sale of the Lego Land Rover..


    A friend rallied one of these in the day, when he had a rally spares shop. He went on to be the team chief at Peugeot Rally Team GB.


  4. 8 hours ago, stitchdup said:

    I dont know what type of phone you have but you should be able to email the pics to yourself and get them on the computer that way mate

    It's my wife's smart phone, we neither of us understand the jargon in the instructions! I have a dumb phone that I might use once or twice a month, my phone number is known only to my wife and our two sons!

  5. In our small town, parked on the path outside the town hall, an American black Ford Pickup with British plates designated 1966. It was on the ground all round with I suppose air suspension. Took photo's on my wife's phone but can't work out how to download them to this PC! The instructions to me look like a foreign language as I don't use a mobile phone! I must take my camera with me when I go out for a walk, which is everyday.  

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