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  1. We've always had manual gear shifts, far easier to control than auto's I've tried in the past have been uncontrollable in cold/frosty/slippery conditions and we've only been driving for 40+ years when (as now) automatics were so much more expensive and if you passed your test in an auto, you weren't allowed to drive a manual gearbox version. Although we won't as pensioners be able to afford to buy an EV, being all auto we wouldn't drive one anyway. We also couldn't afford an EV battery replacement.

  2. 7 hours ago, RSchnell said:

    I always liked this body style of BMW wagons, you don't see them much anymore. The Cybertruck passed me on the way home from the show yesterday on a rare moment of empty I-4. For those in Florida, you know!




    Our youngest son has a BMW Wagon like that and in that colour here in the UK we have lots of them. I'm gratefull they don't do Cybertrucks in right hand drive as we wouldn't have room for them on our roads, plus we don't have the infrastructure to charge EV's anyway. Plus again they are far too expensive to buy any EV, and the shocker is the price of a battery replacement. In a national paper with a motoring section Q&A, a guy has bought an 11 year old Toyota Hybrid he says is very sluggish, and asks what he should do after being told that a new battery pack for that model is £6000 after buying it fro £2500, the expert said 'Find a car dumping yard to take it away',  but will cost £150 to do that!

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