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  1. On 2/27/2024 at 11:27 PM, peteski said:

    While I see the irony, there currently aren't any viable fully electric tractors for this type of hauling.  Baby steps . . .    :D

    Two companies here in the UK recently gone down in the EV business, one tried building trucks/vans, due to little or no customers. The country wide charging infrastructure is no good. A recent survey announced that in an area of London where the parliament is has more street chargers than the rest of the country combined and government want us to buy EV's without sufficient chargers to keep them running. We are two and a half hours from the coast, my small diesel does up to 60 mpg, in an EV I would have to stop at least twice to re-charge and take twice as long to get there! All Energy costs have risen so electricity can be dearer than petrol/diesel in some area's.

  2. Whilst in the throes of packing for our soon to be house move, I found in an old ice cream tub an Airfix 1/32 Ford Escort in a plastic bag, In basic grey plastic. So to break up the packing schedule I decided over a couple of days to build it. I had printed out the instructions of a previous build some years ago.



    In the days of my race/airfield marshalling at the Silverstone Racing Circuit some 5 miles away, about 40 years ago there was a saloon car class designated 'Super Saloons'. This was using a base saloon shell on a spaceframe chassis with whatever V8 engine/gearbox you could fit. I found alongside this kit a modified Escort MK1 shell duly modified with plasticard by me some 30+ years ago! I am now looking for a 1/32 kit of an F! car for the wheels and suspension to fit a scratch chassis!


    I therefore look forward to my move, building another garden cabin and continuing model making, having started when I was 8 years old and 76 next month!



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  3. 5 hours ago, CabDriver said:

    Atlantis had a 20% off sale last weekend, so I took the opportunity to grab some kits I was missing from my collection…




    And this one only barely fit in the photo booth…


    I’ve got all their 1:24 / 1:25 kits that they’ve issued to date now…just need to actually build them 🤪

    NOTE: I got the Boss Fink kit because as best I can tell it’s basically the Roth Tweedy Pie minus the wheels and tires but with a big Ed Roth, and I want to build a ‘conventional’ Tweedy Pie replica…

    Brilliant Sidewinder!

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